Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Kombolela Show

Dear Reader,

I have not stopped thinking. I have not stopped reflecting. Nonetheless, I have just found myself on a different platform. Yap. A different platform.

I'm now a host of a live radio show, broadcast through the internet at The name of my show is Kombolela, which is aired live every Saturday, 1:00pm EST or 8:00pm East African Time.

So what's up with name of the show?

Kombolela is a popular game with children in Tanzania. The game is a version of hide-and-seek games that are popular with children across the world. The objective of the game is for the player who loses the cast lot to seek other players who go into hiding. In playing, the seeking player yells “kombolela!” when a hiding player is spotted.

Like many developing countries, Tanzania is trying to break out of poverty and into the realms of development. Nevertheless, there are times when marching to that desired destiny – both individually and collectively as a nation – seems impossible. Furthermore, it appears at times that Tanzanians cannot even articulate the reasons for their plight. Given that other countries have succeeded in eradicating abject poverty, we believe achieving progress is therefore possible.

Achieving progress, however, will requires Tanzanians to think and act differently.

I may not have all the answers, but the objective of the Kombolela Show is to educate, inform, and challenge the status quo. My hope is that the information and insights the program provides will empower Tanzanians to chart a new course. I also hope that every time key information is passed on and a mentally enslaved Tanzanian is set free, we will all shout “Kombolela!” just like children do on many playgrounds across Tanzania.

Why don't you check me out every Saturday then?