Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Older I Grow...

I must admit that the pressure mounted on me to write something. In response to the pressure, I’m writing something, even for the sake of something. Ahadi ni deni, si ndiyo?

I got to work today with a copy of US Today in my hand. “Free” newspapers are one of those perks you get for staying at some hotels. Don’t ask me more questions on that, because I am not telling. I typically don't like to read newspapers that much, because the print media appears to be behind everything else. But occassionally you find some indepth coverage that fast-talking TV hosts won't give you.

The newspaper had an insert covering healthcare, more specifically, highlighting the stories of real people who could truly benefit from the healthcare overhaul. The insert also included a comparison of healthcare costs between the United States and other developed countries.

It wasn’t so much about the stories of people in the insert that got me thinking, but how the whole healthcare debate got out of hand.

Seriously, it is hard to tell the truth when some Republicans call President Obama a liar, while President Obama is also shooting back that the Republicans don’t have a plan. In all of this, I feel like my head is spinning. Is the overhaul about public option, illegal immigrants’ coverage or skyrocketing healthcare costs? You can’t really tell.

In all of this, something is very wrong. Guess what that is? It is politics.

To tell you truth, as I grow older I feel politicians are full of crap. Yeah, some politicians have truly changed the course of history (both positively and negatively), but the rest of the pack is just a bunch of conmen running their mouth.

So Tanzanians recently got thrilled that President Kikwete took his “precious” time to respond to their questions through a television show. Big deal. After the show, how many people really had their lives changed? Nada. Isn’t that crazy that folks get excited for absolutely nothing meaningful?

Or better yet, who’s really telling the truth about the whole vita dhidi ya ufisadi rhetoric in Tanzania? Is it the opposition? Is it hardcore CCM members of the parliament? Is it the House Speaker? It is hard to tell. See my point?

Maybe as you get older, you also get cynical. But politicians really do know how to capture our attention with their meaningless rants.

So this is what I am going to do. Be a good father. Be a good leader of my family. Hopefully, I will succeed in imparting some wisdom on my boys. I truly hope so.
Cartoon credit: US Today

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Month? Really?

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I posted anything here. But you know what? I have been busy with those two guys...Seriously, can you blame me?