Monday, June 26, 2006

In Love of My Country

I do understand that my previous postings have been a little critical and to a greater extent, politically incorrect. But why did I do that? It is all in the love of my country...

See, sometimes we have to give tough love. Loving ain't about sweet words all the time. Those who are parents can relate - those young fellas we call our kids need our tough love at times. We stroke, rebuke and even impose some "economical sanctions" on them, all in the name of love.

My desire, like many Tanzanians, is to see the country stand tall - prosperous, vibrant, and above all the best country ever. The problem, as we all know, has been some erratic thinking and not lack of resources (oh what plenty of resources we have!). My criticism or rather challenge towards the Bongoland leadership is intended to provide a different perspective. My objective is to push them a little harder, because I know Tanzania can get better - only with a change in attitude and better thinking. My criticism shouldn't be viewed as being unpatriotic.

See, being patriotric is not about blindly following the wrong path. I am convinced a true patriot is the one who has the guts to tell the "establishment" that the path they've chosen is not necessarily the right one. The problem is that most of us grew up at times when a unique and a different point of view was regarded as a "sin". To some extent, we are still suffering from the culture of "singularity" in thinking. As such, some of us are still afraid to air our true feelings and ideas.

I am not proclaiming to be right at all times, because I am limited in my experiences. I have not experienced all things and all places that this world has to offer. Nonetheless, I have been honest enough with myself to boldly express what I see. Like the rest of humanity, I do not like to be rebuked or to be corrected, but over time I've learned to appreciate those who boldly tells me what to change in me, despite my dislike of being rebuked. The bottom line is that those who truly loves you will never sugarcoat anything. As such, being politically incorrect at times could be the best choice in correcting the ills that have hampered Bongoland from making the desired strides. I know that no one is perfect and that it will be ridiculous of me to expect the leadership to be error free. Nevertheless, we can get better than what we have currently.

My challenge to the Bongoland leadership, therefore, does not make me less loving the country than Mr JK, the late Mr. JKN, or any Bongolander you can think of. I have only chosen to love the country through a whipping rod...and whipping we need sometimes.

Loving the country ever more...Metty.

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