Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Was Kambona That Bad? (2)

It wasn't my intention to extend this topic. But I had to, given that some folks might have misunderstood the objective of the first article.

It is my opinion that Tanzanians, in general, are wimpy folks. I can’t quite put my fingers on it, but belief is that it is all because of the Nyerere effect. I mean, we got so scared of the guy to the extent that even years after his departure, we are still afraid to question him.

Jamani, Nyerere amekufa. There are no secret service guys who will drag you to Msasani. OK?

One could contend that given that Nyerere is dead, we don’t have a reason to discuss his legacy. But I would beg to differ. And I will do that by a quote from one of my readers, Maiki:

History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illuminates reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life, and brings us tidings of antiquity. The study of history is the best medicine for a sick mind; for in history you have a record of the infinite variety of human experience plainly set out for all to see; and in that record you can find yourself and your country both examples and warnings; fine things to take as models, base things rotten through and through, to avoid. Without knowledge of the past we would be without identity, we would be lost on an endless sea of time

Adding or subtracting to that will be injustice.

So my intention was more than to question Nyerere’s legacy. I wanted us to take a very hard look at our history and what we have been long taught and gauge whether our perspective and perceptions are correct. But in order to effectively do that, we have to be objective and let go of our political biasness. Unfortunately, the Tanzanian history is tangled with Nyerere’s legacy.

In order for us to create the right future, we have to unearth some of the wrong foundations and beliefs that we have held on for so long. I don’t want my children to grow up thinking that Nyerere was the best think that has ever happened to Tanzania, while that could not an objective assessment. I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking that Oscar Kambona, Mzee Mapalala, or Kassanga Tumbo were villains simply because they didn’t fit into Nyerere’s thinking.

What troubles me, for the most part, is when finding quotes such as the following, and never really understanding where Nyerere was coming from:

"Without any question, the manner and the implications of the union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar is the most misunderstood aspect of Tanzania's political development. It may not matter very much when foreigners get confused, but unfortunately there are many times when Tanzanians themselves appear to misunderstand it."

Former Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere.
Dar es Salaam Government Printer, July 1970. p. 3.

Source: victorian.fortunecity.com

Unfortunately, 42 years later, I still don't get the objective of the union.

The question is: why didn’t Nyerere clearly explain the union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar? My only guess is that he thought Tanzanians were dumb enough (given he was one of the very few indigenous people to obtain a Masters degree) and never really deserved clear explanations. I truly have trouble when such a manipulative person is considered the best thing ever.

Honestly, I really long for objective arguments justifying the labels that the Tanzanian history has given Oscar Kambona, JK Nyerere, James Mapalala, etc.

Somebody, please help me.


Anonymous said...

I, Apeche Alolo, as one of the frequent readers of your blog, appreciate your poking fingers on some important issue. But, I have to tell you on this particular issue, you risk being irrelevant.

On this issue you have lost your objectivity, am afraid, pole sana.

Most importanly, you can not compare Nyerere to Kambona, who the hell is Kambona? It could as well be a personal issue for you,but please let keep things in perspective.

Also, not because you've got a gun you should pull a trigger. What I mean is, not because you have a venue to expouse your ideas, then you should use it carelessly . This blog is a like loaded gun, do not abuse it. So is democracy, and freedom of speech, use it carefully or lose it.

After all, having balls, (as you have put it) does not mean having intelligence of how to use them. Those two, go hand in hand, if you know what I mean!!.

Now, I am very young, was born ten years after Nyerere had been in power. I've got BA.Economics(Canada); and MBA(USA)

Personally, I have wresteld with Nyerere issue like any other intelligent bongo citizen would do, and I've got tell you I retain a huge respect for this man.

Here is why:

Nyerere’s Legacy

Most critics of the Nyerere’s leadership era have been and are severely deluded. In the context of leadership, Nyerere is among the top three leaders to ever emerge from Africa. Mandela and Nkrumah being the other two on that list. These leaders are visionaries that never once compromised their moral values and trust given by their people to benefit themselves.

Nyerere is an epitome of “the right leader at the right time”. Observe this if you will. Nyerere single handedly freed our country from the colonialist without blood spill, for that alone we will forever owe him. Yet at the time where only few educated Tanzanians could grasp the significance of such actions(Tanzania had only 9 university graduates in 1961, can not even run a small company with that), he had a chance as the first leader to impose any sort of dictatorial regime without so much as political opposition.

Nyerere also could have chosen to squander the resources of our nation and build himself palaces around the country and the world without bearing any political disaster. Yet, he chose a path of uniting our country and people, with one common language and without regards to faith, ethnicity, race or prejudices. He healed the wounds of the colonial past by eroding the colonial mentality and its institutions and by doing so gave us an identity as a new proud nation.

At a very crucial and vulnerable time in our country’s history, Nyerere neither abandoned us nor did he seek to profit from his position. He stood by his poor, uneducated, impoverished, divided nation and sought to unite and build it. Nyerere chose the noble path, displaying high moral courage and incorruptible qualities never to be matched. He did so neglecting the path that so many other African leaders have followed.

Observe also that Nyerere vision, moral and leadership had been values that set Tanzania apart from all other African countries that have endured series of bloody civil wars and government overthrows. Those who criticize Nyerere leadership are doing so under the umbrella of peace that he created, and are mostly are very shortsighted individuals. Let us be reminded, that Nyerere gave us a voice throughout our struggle for independence leading to momentous speech at the United Nations, at the time when most Tanzanians neither had voice nor dared to speak. As a result Tanzanians did not shed any blood, and perhaps that’s why many take our freedom for granted. If the price of freedom was too cheap, it is a tribute to Nyerere leadership ability. As one looks at the history of most nations, the price for freedom and democracy is blood, sweat, and tears.

Most critics have used poverty as one of the aspect of Nyerere failures. However, further observation is warranted. Africa as a whole is poor, even those countries that began under a capitalist system soon after they became independent, have not faired well. Yet, one would find it very difficult to identify any of the countries with a long peaceful existence such as Tanzania. Tanzania might still be poor today, but under Nyerere, all Tanzanians were poor including Nyerere. If poverty and Africa is synonymous, despite all sorts of economic regimes that have been practiced, then the poverty argument is baseless. More significantly is, those who have endured war, genocide, mutilations, rape, torture, racism and lack of basic human rights would convey to you, that poverty has more honour, especially if it is under relative blanket of peace we have enjoyed. To fully understand the full impact of Nyerere leadership and vision, look around Africa today and tell me which leaders, if any, given the same opportunity, as Nyerere’s would have died poor.

While I am no advocate of ujamaa (Tanzania modified socialism), I could see the point from which Nyerere’s based his ideas. Tanzania at the time had no highly educated citizens, nor did it have equality of religious and ethnic harmony. To create a system based on capitalism at the time would have been equivalent to adding gasoline into the fire. In essence, it would have created the scenario of Russian revolution of 1917, a class struggle that arose due to fewer minority possessing all the wealth of the state against poor majority, and resulted into the birth of communism. Capitalism emerged in Europe after so many failed systems of class struggle and civil wars, thick of blood battles, death and destruction. Capitalism requires a more stable society with a clear defined political structure and an absence of classes, religion, or race as a dominating political, economical or moral structure. So Nyerere’s painfully chose ujamaa, as a means to create more equal society. The major flaw with socialism was it contributed erosion of personal responsibilities and accountability, as everything was owned by the state. It also meant most people depended on the state’s multilateral care to which these tendencies continue today. In the political environment a special hierarchical structure of political and economic power was created. The only way to ensure individual progress was to join CCM party and the government, but it did not carry responsibility or accountability that came with the position. The result is the lack of deeper legal consciousness and ability to accept civic and political responsibility for public affairs. Hence, today's leadership reforms were to include the vision of a more responsible civil society by enforcing the rule of law and demand adequate responsibility from government and public officials. The result would have been more open government with growth of educated and morally strong public servants.

Nyerere’s critics have also failed to see his vision. Simply, Nyerere envisioned that only a country so united, one nation, one people with a common language, with equal rights and with no fear of religious, ethnic or tribal conflicts, could really focus on the course of development without second guessing itself. A condition by which a group of people united under one country, one language, who share a set of common goals without concern of religious, tribal or ethnic conflict is usually referred to as, “the prerequisite for economic development”. Those are basic fundamentals of building a nation. Nyerere knew nothing can be achieved and no progress can be attained if there are people within one nation that alienated, persecuted or vilified. Therefore, he built a nation by which all citizens are guaranteed equal rights and protection under the law, and freedom of faith, religion and culture. A country’s fortune of natural resources is not beneficial to a nation that has not achieved the condition prescribed above. Take Nigeria as an example, a highly educated nation with over $ 25 billion a year alone in oil export revenue to Nigerian government. Nigeria currently ranking as the fifth largest crude oil exporter to the United States behind Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada and Venezuela. Yet despite the country’s wealthy, Nigeria lacks common language, unity and peace, engaged in political and economical turmoil, still besieged by religious and ethnic conflicts, showing no sign of future prospect.

Nyerere was a great student of history, a quality that lacks in most of today’s African leaders. He was both influenced in his thinking by both West and East, and all this led him to feel that in his search for a political formula, he should be absolutely impartial and objective and should tie himself to no particular system of society other than of socialism. Nyerere as a leader had great respect for British political institutions, and for the country's system of justice. He regarded the British Parliament as the most democratic institution in the world, and the independence and impartiality of its judiciary. Nyerere had similar sentiments for the American Congress, and country's doctrine of separation of powers, as well as the independence of its judiciary. But other influences played part in Nyerere’s leadership moral and ethical values. Deeply religious, as a Christian, he practiced what he preached. He believed in setting the right example as a leader of the nation, so others would follow. He was peaceful man and did not believe so much in punishing the few culprits in government, because he believed they would see the way, his way of conduct. He was respectable, righteous, honest, and incorruptible, in his heart as well as in his mind. Essentially, if he failed is because he preferred to lead in decent manner than enforcing the law. Such is an example that he set, but even those he trusted the likes of Mkapa and many other in CCM have failed him. In his article for Washington times, “Saints and Presidents: A Commentary on Julius Nyerere”, journalist Stanley Meisler concluded “But the Tanzanian experiment offers good evidence that saints do not really make very good presidents”.

Nyerere had a vision that far surpasses even most of the African leaders today. From leadership, intellectual, historical and political perspective, Nyerere was the right leader at the right time. Throughout his period, Nyerere set the precedents for future leaders to follow and furthermore, laid down the foundation for which the future development of our country could be built upon.

The strength of democratic state rests on its citizens who gladly and willingly accept responsibility for themselves, their families, society and the state in which they live. The possibility to live in freedom and take part in public affairs is a great gift, but also a commitment. Politics is not only a struggle for power, but also service to people, it is an art and opportunity for brave, high principled, truthful and incorruptible people.

Nyerere as intelligent as he was did not seek to impress poor and deprived populations of Africa. He sought to liberate, educate and advocate for them through his ideas and conduct. Nor did he hide behind ignorance of his own people so that he could turn around and loot their resources for his own self-enrichment, like the way our current leaders are doing.

Nyerere was an excellent example and finest Tanzanian. If there is any lesson or ideal that Nyerere would have wanted all of us to learn is, greatness is not found in possessions, power, position, or prestige. It is discovered in goodness, humility, service, and character. Moreover, a great man is one who can have power and not abuse it. Those are the ideals we should always strive for and ask of our leaders in return.

Peace bro!

Anonymous said...

Metty I read all your posts. Like the other guy said – slow down a bit.

With all due respect Metty – if this is what you want to conclude “My only guess is that he (Mwalimu) thought Tanzanians were dumb enough” given this premise “(since) he was one of the very few indigenous people to obtain a Masters degree”; so let it be. Metty – the truth and only the truth shall set us free. That however doesn’t license either yourself or anyone from being a bit undiplomatic in their discourse or from unnecessarily sounding as if this is a win-lose argument. You should have the capacity to frame a win-win argument. Mwalimu won some of the battles that came his way and some he lost – if he ‘lost’ the Muungano battle …. So be it. A step forward would be for us to have an all-rounded perspective of the issues pertinent to Muungano or anything regarding his legacy.

Metty unataka kuniambia kama mtu akijitokeza na akasema kuwa ilikuwa ni kadhaa-kadhaa wa kadhaa ….. will we or rather should we take that person’s word for granted (mkataba wenyewe wa Muungano AG wa Zanzibar anasema on the record “umepotea”)? Kuna mtu humu ame-opine kuwa – hey, we do not have the culture of writing down these things in the public domain. Hence mwingine aka-opine kuwa utawala wa Mwalimu was more U-chief/Umangi ……. He created an atmosphere ya kuwa neno lake ndio la mwisho. Being more of a politician – his words were subject to more than one interpretation ………. Sasa whether that was be design or otherwise, hilo ni suala lingine. Lakini to his benefit – what politician “doesn’t talk in circles” most of the time?

Sasa kwa sababu hayupo hapa leo hii kujitetea ama tu kujielezea lakini wapo waliokuwepo wakati wa ‘ku-engineer’ Muungano e.g. Salmin Amour, Mfaume Kawawa – why not ask them? Call them up! Research this issue ……….

Alijisemea Salmin Amour (this was in an interview na Tido Mhando BBC) kuwa if we - (wao waliokuwepo) wakati wa kuundwa Muungano – do not explain the whole Muungano thing (in detail) to the generations that haven’t laid their eyes on Abeid Karume nor Mwalimu nor laid their eyes on them ……… the future of the Union looks bleak if only for the reason that they will not understand the Union’s raison d’etre and whatever grievances in existence (with regards to the Union) are being shoved underneath the carpet!

In Mwalimu’s time – he needn’t explain nothing to no one – that’s the bottomline. He wasn’t the only one who got by with that as an LLDC President! Nowadays that cannot fly. Sasa whether he was right ama he was wrong one has to have the sobriety to look at all pertinent issues. His was summarily a chieftaincy/umangimeza/utemi – as someone else opined.

Again – research on them individually or collectively (assuming you have the resources) then we’ll judge - “Honestly, I really long for objective arguments justifying the labels that the Tanzanian history has given Oscar Kambona, JK Nyerere, James Mapalala, etc.”

For you or anyone else to be able to ‘stomach’ Mwalimu’s legacy for what it is as opposed to what we want it to be – is to look at it this way: wakati wa Mwalimu upinzani was tantamount to treason. Jingine – ni deficiencies za kikatiba: za M’Kiti wa Chama kuwa ndio Rais ……….. “kofia-mbili” concept. Mwalimu alili-manipulate hili alivyotaka. Lakini je sasa hivi – in the upinzani era as well as uwazi, mbona katiba inazidi kuchekesha. How does it become his responsibility – marekebisho ama kutorekebisha katiba wakati huu na hayupo? Ukielewa hayo na mengineyo mengi (as opposed to agreeing with the fact – just try to understand it for what it is) then you’ll be able to ‘stomach’ Mwalimu’s legacy.

Approach it this way - was Mwalimu that bad?

Someone else can offer their perspective ……………

Maiki said...

Apeche...I thought the issue being debated was whether Kambona was as bad as Nyerere had labelled him! I don't see Jaduong trying to create a comparison between Nyerere and Kambona...here I think the point is trying to figure out whether our Late Mwalimu maintained his top position by tarnishing the images of any potential would be future presidential contenders! I welcome your very kind words for Mwalimu....is this not typical of any brainwashed citizen from Bongoland? By brainwashing, I mean the application of coercive techniques to change the beliefs or behavior of one or more people, usually for political or religious purposes. Yes, the majority of us think very highly about Mwalimu. On the other hand, I think it is fair to look at his legacy objectively - without bias: without being influenced by personal feelings, on the basis of fact, experience, or some measurable quality. In this context the debate in question was as to whether Nyerere was right in his attempts/tactics to alienate Kambona from the Tanzanian community. See..we are not allowed to say anything negative about Mwalimu..mhh...but Mwalimu could say negative stuff about almost everybody as long as they disagreed with his political ideologies....remember the book he wrote at the time when he wanted Mkapa to be the CCM presidential candidate? I bet you, if the old man was alive today, he still would have been the voice behind who becomes the next president. Oooops or do I also risk being "irrelevant"?

Anonymous said...

Apeche, MBA (USA) B.A Economics(Canada)
is that a justification that your arguments or opinions deserve superiority over others? Go ahead which schools in Canada and USA did you go to, we are no longer interested with education from Canada or USA be specific which universities, there are plenty of schools in North America, only few are quality majority are to be nice I can say just okay. There are blogers from world class universities but they don`t use that as a criteria for making others give them credibility, regardless of your education or where you got it, say what you have to say, and give strong evidence to support your claims. Did those schools teach you critical thinking? and analyzing the history of Tanzania or how to improve the economy of Tanzania, or how to build and manage businesses in Tanzania, none of your curriculum focused on Tanzania`s problems and you are proud that you studied abroad,fyi this blogger can be a better university for you than the schools you went in Canada, just be a good student and do your homework before claiming that Metty lost objectivity on the issue, that`s absurd! However, I respect your emotions and I.Q
You have the audacity to say who the hell is Kambona?,Please watch your arrogant language, you have the right to say anything but watch your language and be respectful of people, if the western education helped you to become who you think you are that is good for you, only you. Let blogger and others decide who has very intelligent ideas and the focus here is Tanzania, better be knowledgeable about it if you care about it you should try to get another MBA at IDM Mzumbe/Mlimani for better understanding about Tanzania, who cares much about Canada and USA education? For issues related to Tanzania, we are about to design a new education model to help Africans who have studied abroad to take better courses, not the ones designed by western Thinkers, this blog would help as a starting point. Metty keep up the good work and sky is the limit. Other contributors, do what you have to do and say what you have to say, keep it live and the audience will get bigger. Si mwingine, anony in the blog! this is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

you don`t need to slow down in anything Metty, as I said before, get very entrepreneurial and identify your ventures, work with venture capitalist, or business partners, AND TAKE BLOGGING WITH FOCUS ON TANZANIA TO THE NEXT LEVEL, PUBLISH, WRITE BOOKS, MOVIES
critics like Apeche Alolo are important as well. I have nothing personal with anybody, I just didn`t want to support the ideology if some one is educated in USA or Canada, that is a credential, why? Tz and majority of Tanzanians are poor and we tend not to question about quality of education from western institutions, be careful things are changing and people`s attitudes are changing. Another thing is that, for any body wanting to study USA/CANADA/UK please do your research about the university don`t just go and get your degrees, think critically from start to finish so that we can challenge this western mentality when we absorb these PhD`s or whatever!
Was Kambona that bad/worst? Y/N. However...
Was Nyerere that good/great Y/N
However ...
You can agree or disgaree, we don`t have to have the common or proper perspectives about individuals, it depends on how well you know how to analyze issues, people`s individualities and identities and what are you focusing on. How do you approach the analysis itself. So people can write books defending what they think and believe to be true, support what you say with facts and data then you can be convincing. Eitherside you choose or position you there is no wrong or right answer.
Apeche, some people would agree with you and some won`t. Metty, some people would agree with you and some won`t. Why? We have liberal thinkers, conservative people, strategic thinkers, creative thinkers.
Was Kambona that bad/worst?
Bad in what? Who said? Why they said? What was the situation when they said? What image did Kambona have? How would he respond himself?
Was Nyerere that great? Great in What way? as a person or as a TANU/CCM chairman coutry president or as a politician or as father of the nation or as a husband to his wife and father to his children or as a chancellor to UD or great to whom? the military, the poor people, the rich people, economists, business people,teachers, lawyers, doctors,children, women, fellow politicians who supported or worked with him. It can get pretty nasty looking at things critically in different ways.
You can not just generalize things and force people to be in the same side with you, provide you data, evidence, and reasons why you believe X=Y or X+Y=Y+X. Many people make jugdgement errors, so when you share ideas you can learn and correct your position or remain to stick with your position
that person X was great and person y was not.
Was the blog that bad?
Was the topic that bad?
Was Kambona that bad? What type of question is that? What type of answer do you want or should I provide to question of that nature, what data do I need? Who am I to Kambona or Nyerere, respectfully and honestly give your shot. Otherwise, don`t even bother to say a word.

Jaduong Metty said...

I think Maiki has provided my perspective. The core issue in this article is not whether Kambona was better than Nyerere and vice versa. The question is whether we're justified to label Kambona and others the way we have.

I would like to hear your thoughts on that.

@Maiki, and all the Anonies
Asanteni. I greatly appreciate your contributions. This blog is not really about being correct, but about sharing our thoughts and ideas.

I must agree, some of the topics that I bring may sound odd and a bit off, but trust me - these are the issues that we have been, as a nation, afraid to tackle for years.

We can't stop talking about these issues simply because they are not popular. This is not about popularity contest, it is about liberation of the mind.

I am not claiming to know it all, but I won't be afraid to ask questiosn that need be asked. Your input will always shape me in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

I think any debate is healthy only if we can manage it. I'like Apeche's piece, he gave objectivity and illustrated his point of view clearly. Those who argue against his points of view, should attack his points, not him personally or his education background.

About education, (and forgive me here, I don't know him personally). I think he only meant to show that he is young, so he was neither influenced by his policy, nor worked for Mwalimu era. His education overseas, just goes to show that he is one of us, the diaspora, but also shows that he was an expert in the subject matter being that is economics, political economy and business.

I would like to see us debate like professionals and or civilized individuals. One thing we should stay clear off is personal attacks . PLEASE.


Maiki said...

To Jaduong and all Bloggers:

Blogging is about building relationships, but it is also about perpetuating dialog. A blog lets you put your idea out for everyone to see. It is like the ultimate suggestion box. And because blogging happens on neutral ground no one has to take offense to contradictary ideas. You can say this is what I feel we need to be doing, and if some one else says, this is what we should be doing instead, the discussion can be about the ideas not the people. You don't get that level playing field in a conference room where you worry about rank, or department, or even if you like the other person. Blogs are like coming home after work, sitting down on the front porch and having a drink with your co-workers. Blogging is like sitting on your front porch and waving to your neighbors as they walk by. You don't have to have a great dialog with each of them, but they will remember who you are and think of you when they need something, or be there to help out when they can. What makes the most sense to me is the idea that blogs enable connections. Regardless of whether the blog makes money or not, people should be able to recount the connections they've made with people they would not otherwise have met. Blogs help establish colleagues, expertise, and reputation: they help us connect to people. I keep thinking back to the model of community-as-neighborhood, where people interact out on the street and have a regular home from which they base their operations: VIJIWE. This satisfies a deep need for many people. I am sure that we can utilize this tool in a very dignified manner! Let us approach the issues with sobriety!

Jaduong Metty said...

I concur with you. Ideas should be brought up in respectful manner. May the best and the strongest idea win. I think that is fair.

I like Apeche's narrative on Nyerere. Unfortunately, it is not answering the question which is this:

Was Oscar Kambona that bad? I mean, are we justified to vilify him the way the Tanzanian history has? I think that is the issue and the core objective of this article.

Let me hear your contribution.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the question you put forth, one could have many answers.

First, One man's history is another man's tragedy. So it depends on who write the history.

Second, whether Kambona was bad or good, we will never know! He simply, never did anything afterwards, to put forth his vision. He could have written a book, numerous books.

Third, Kambona's idea might have looked very good on piece of paper, but the tricky part is the implementation. (Think, the current quagmire between USA and Iraq). The same can be said about Mwalimu ideas, they never materialized as he wanted, so peacefully he stepped out, that is not what a dictator does.(and or where would you put Museveni's then?)

Fourth, had Kambona been allowed to execute his vision as president, perhaps he would have succeded or failed, either way, we would never know. Thus, hard to conclude.

Fifth, to judge a person from historical perspective, one has to understand the mentality and psychological of the era. Those guys were old school man, look at our grandafther's( Nyerere's genaration), they had several wives, they beat them, family head -man- then was the ultimate ruler. Looking back culturally, that was the right thing for man to do. From political perspective, it was one ruler world, look at all other Kenyatta, Obote, etc. But the key question is, what did they do with power they had?

Thus, hindsight, is 20/20 but it makes Nyerere look like a sophisticated saint.

Did Nyerere supress only Kambona or many others and for whose benefit? Majority others or for himself? So once you put things in perspective, things happen to be they way they were.

All in all, this type of topics/question is bound to be very subjective indeed. Let's stay focus on educating our leaders and our citizens, since it seems like they have good intention.

Metty you should run for office try to fix the system from within, you are talented, you have passion for this stuff. And all other's as well, instead of throwing bricks into the glass house, let's peacefully, positively and actively engage in changing our country for the better, after all we are stuck with each other.

To conclude Metty, personally let me say you are doing heck of a job, keep it up.


Look at what is happening in Iraq right now, one can conclude that Sadam Hussein, as bad as he was, was the right leader for the right time. The situation there is dire indeed. So I beg to ask other bloggers, what is democracy really?Especially, in that light, when Hezbollah or Hammas takes leadership of the country? (please ponder on this for a while, not text book answers).

Anonymous said...

Nyerere Alikuwa mjanja saana. Kambona couldn't put up a fight man!!! If Kambona was really concern about TZ he wouln't chicken out....Ange baki pale pale bongoland apambane na Mchonga.

Former President of Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda, tells the following story about Mchonga meno. In 1998, a year before his death, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere met with top-level staff at the World Bank in Washington.

"Why have you failed?" the World Bank experts asked him.

Nyerere answered: "The British Empire left us a country with 85 per cent illiterates, two engineers and 12 doctors. When I left office, we had 9 per cent illiterates and thousands of engineers and doctors. I left office 13 years ago. Then our income per capita was twice what it is today; now we have one-third less children in our schools and public health and social services are in ruins. During these 13 years, Tanzania has done everything that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have demanded."

And Nyerere passed the question back to the World Bank experts: "Why have you failed?" (1)

Anonymous said...

We`ve got too many intellectuals talking about Hezbollah , it`s a niche to talk about Tanzania especially if it`s your roots. When it happens that the westernized thinkers are talking about Tz/Africa, it`ll be about the AIDS epidemic, Corruption, Poverty,Civil wars. look on CNN and BBC
Let`s create our own themes or look at what is the news in TZ and talk about it rather than repeating what many people are doing daily. Keep Tanzania/Africa in Focus.

Anonymous said...

It is freelance writing, you don`t need to be like civilized or professional. No personal attacks, but don`t be afraid of criticism, we don`t have to side or smooth talk to each other to appear civilized, that is indecency!
The question of civilization needs to be critically looked at. If you look at Enron scandal, you would learn what it means to be civilized or who is a civilized person and primitive person. No bias civilized people are not Italians or British, perhaps it is the Masai people, think about it and analyze the problems of civilization.

Anonymous said...

modern civilization seem like chaos!

Anonymous said...

You are right,Mchonga ameleta uhuru kupitia mdomo wake, tapeli yule, he was a player indeed wazungu wamejiondokea bila kufyatua risasi, that hasn't been duplicated anywhere in the world.

Most of the independence struggles have been through mtutu wa bunduki, don't take what he did for granted. By the way, where was Kambona when mchonga was playing the british....

So far, kuna watu hapa kwenye huu mtandao wana wivu sana. Wabongo hatupendani, tukiona mwenzetu amaepata tunawivu, hata wale walovuka bahari, bado wanaendelea na ujinga huo. Ndio maana maendeleo hatupati, tuko busy kupigiana vita, wewe pilipili usiyoila wewe inakuwashia nini?

Sasa mwenzetu amesoma tunamuonea wivu,what matters is the fact the brother could articulate his conviction better than most of you out there, actually education is nothing if you can't utilize it, even if you went to Harvard, mfano...look at the guy raisi wetu hapo DC...hawezi hata kuongea lugha yake...so let the brother breathe man....let him preach, hacheni mabo ya kizamani hayo, wivu tu.

Anonymous said...

@ Metty ! What a hot Debate ! Well we can all agree to disagree in this issue but lets have dialogue nontheless, there is no right or wrong but just difference of opinions.

That being, said in my humble one i think, though this is a second article, but the question still remains too vague! and i believe it is by design since i can attest to Metty's ability to articulate his thought.

Their is a say history will judge itself ! I guess in this case the juries are still out.(are they ) Im not going to be biased and take sides on the underdog (Kambona ) the comparison of these two leaders is lopsided . Kambona has no legs to stand on when it comes to Nyerere track record.

(Obvious the (Nyerere's good outweighed the bad)
Overwhelming majority will agree J.K.N has something to show for after all said and done, albeit imperfections .

Thus we will never know what[if] he( Kambona ) could deliver! Or even knows who was he (when it comes to leadership ability ) frankly speaking .

i will refrain from getting personal or emotional on the matter of any intelligent discussion.

Apparently there are some very relevant point being suggested and discussed here especially by Apeche Alolo and others. keep up the Constructive criticism .


Jaduong Metty said...

@Everyone & Msemakweli,
I must agree that everytime you touch on Nyerere, fireworks must go up. I am sure that partly because he managed to "manage" Tanzania in a very special way. We have believers who can't see it any other way. Also, it partly because we have no adequate information or comparison, within Tanzania, to make an objective conclusion.

I brought up Kambona because history has vilified him. We can both agree on that. It was my intention to bring it to our attention that our history could be skewed. Our history could have been manipulated for the sake of a few individuals.

I am not a history scholar, but I feel like the Tanzanian history has been manipulated to shed only a bright light on Nyerere. It is HIStory. As I hinted before, it is unfortunate the Tanzanian history is tangled with Nyerere's leadership.

I still believe we owe it to ourselves to query as to whether the little we know, particularly on Kambona's disagreement on Ujamaa, is enough to sideline this dude and negatively portray his contribution the way Nyerere did.

You can't go back and change everything, but I strongly believe that a precedent set today can go a long way in the future. It is unfortunate enough that the culture that Nyerere set up (especially the dictatorial tendencies) in CCM, are still haunting Bongolanders. Unless we break out, as a society, change some of the negatives that Nyerere brought to the table, we will never move forward.

And that will require steps such as acknowledging Tanzanians who fought for independence, but were sidelined post independence by Nyerere.

I have no seen arguments to justify vilifying Kambona. And if we can't find any, then to me it indicates that there is something terribly wrong with Tanzanians as a society. And the fingers will always point at Nyerere who laid the foundation.

Sam GM said...

The blog brings out an outstanding debate and a closer look to our past, present and the future. well right in the point,your two articles on "was Kambona that bad" can be debated day in and day out, one will be right and the other will be wrong but in whose eyes or mind? that is the question. In the first article you kind of elaborated how Nyerere forced us to sing degatory songs about akina kambona and the rest? did Nyerere do that? I doubt. whether Nyerere knew what we sang or what was sang country wide remains to be debated. However, my point is, everything then and even now is based into a culture to impress or please "Zidumu fikira sahihi za mwenyekiti wa chama" was one of the slogan of association to the chama and to Nyerere. did he have "fikira sahihi?" in whose eyes anyway? did he compose any of the songs that we sang in our mchakachaka, I doubt it, now where is the problem. why did we sing all bad things about kambona then? If Nyerere could have heard what we sang about kambona kuolewa ulaya would he have stopped it or not? that can not be answered and we will never know.

My point is both kambona and Nyerere were right in their thinking however they differed in their approach to the big picture. Nyerere had no experience by then on how to run a country and thought any other idea was either contrary to the good of the country or was just plain kumuharibia. and on the other hand, Kambona was good in economics, he had gotten his economic education and all that he had was education that needed to be put either to test or work. Both Kambona and Nyerere had no experience in their ideaology but who carried the day, Nyerere ofcourse because he had an upper hand.
Nyerere and Kambona agreed and disagreed in many issues until they ran out of patience with each other and attacked personality and not the issues. the same is kind of happening right here in the blog, one attacks the other personality and not the issues and by the end of the day we have names and branded names. To the chase, Tanzania needs more and more people that can takle issues and bring about change.

Anonymous said...

Just to repy to one of the bloggers:

Professionalism and civilization does not imply white men culture. No where did I indicate that!!

To state or to think as such, is to portray inferiority complex.(better check yourself)

I said those two words, to simply mean, that people are conducting themselves in a manner and respect with each other and to each other.

Civilization and professionalism does not apply to colour, culture, gender, religion, tribe or creed.


Anonymous said...

Ndugu zanguni kitu cha kufauta mkumbo ni kibaya sana. Hakuna mtu mwenye wivu na elimu ya mtu katika blog hii. Swali ni kwamba kusoma Canada au Marekani si hoja kwani huko Canada na Marekani kumejaa vyuo vya vichovu na visivyo vichovu.

Wajanja hawako hivyo, wengi wetu wanshindwa kushindana nchi za kigeni kwa kuwa wanajiingiza tu kwenye mivyuo na kukamata kitabu bila kuvitafiti vyuo kwanza , wegine wanakacha kufanya GMAT au LSAT na Hasara au cost wanayoingia ni kubwa na ni majuto baadae. Nimeona wengi tu.
Mfano mimi ndio tajiri mwenye kampuni hata kama nikiwa Bongo, ukinijia na vyeti vyako kichwakichwa hata kama umetoka sijui England sitakufagilia eti unajua Kingereza au Umesoma Ulaya,Canada na Amerika maana kwa kuwa tu kachukua degree zake Ntahoji zaidi Quality na Reputation ya vyuo ulivyosoma.
Kasumba ya kufagilia sana vyuo vya nje bila kuvitafiti ni ujinga na imepitwa na wakati. Kusoma Marekani au Canada ni sio vibaya lakini usijieendee tu kwenye vyuo visivyo na hadhi ya juu kama unataka pride mbele ya waliosoma vyuo vya hadhi. Tazama Makampuni makubwa hayaendi kabisa vyuo vingine, havina history ya kutoa cream of the crop, wanaangalia shule zipi za kwenda. Wahindi na Wachina na Wakorea wameshtukia deal hilo mapema hivyo wakiingia nchi za watu utawakuta wamejazana huko Sillicon Valley na Wall Street, nenda MIT/Yale utaelewa nnachoongea.Kama unataka kusomea sheria hapa na kupata kazi nzuri lazima uingie kwenye angalau moja wapo ya kumi bora ukishindwa 50 bora. Pia kama unataka kazi ya maana na MBA yako lazima uingie katika 10 bora au ukishindwa 50 bora. Inaniuma nnavyoona watu na akili zao wanashindwa kuelewa system halafu wanajifanya wasomi katika shule ngumbaru. Sikatai watu wasome lakini washindane pia katika ubora wa elimu. Mfano bora kuwa na Degree 1 ya kwanza kutoka
Ivy league kuliko PhD 4 za vyuo vya fourth tier. Huku vyuo viko kwa tiers na ranking in terms of standard, sio lazima kueleweshana hayo ili wewe au jamaa yako akikuomba ushauri aje kusoma nini huku au wapi unamtumia maform ya mavyuo ya kichovu. Mi hata uniembieje nakupongeza kwa elimu yako lakini usijidai nayo kichwa kubwa kama hadhi ya shule yako ni ndogo. Unaweza ukawa na elimu kubwa kutoka shule zisizo na hadhi, sasa hapo unakuwa umeluuz kidogo mjomba. Pia ukisoma usijifanya sana articulate, hamna lolote hoja ni hoja na wazo ni wazo
creative people or geniuses don`t necessarily appear in Green suits they could be naked too.

Amini usiamini Google na founders wa Blog technology wanajaribu kusoma vichwa vya watu wanawaza nini wanaongea nini, DNA ya brain zao zikoje n.k. hivyo sometime kuweni smart msiseme meeeengi kizungu mnawapa wajanja faida bila gharama sio. Ikiwezekana mnajadili mada nzito Kimasai na Kihehe humu ndani ya Blog au vipi wazee?. ukiingia Google database hailewi kinyamwezi ! Google na Microsoft hawajaona umuhimu wa lugha za Afrika katika system zao.
Wangapi mnajua Kichina au Kijapan?
Kiafrika je? Kiarabu je?

Anonymous said...

Zidumu fikra thabiti za Wabongo popote walipo. Mungu ibariki Afrika na watu wake. Dumisha uhuru na umoja...... ibariki ..........

Jaduong Metty said...

@Sam GM,
I totally agree with you that this is a tough debate. Mostly because it involves historical happenings. We don't have Kambona and Nyerere around so that we could dig the truth.

However, that does not stop us from asking this very simple question: was the disagreement with Nyerere on Ujamaa enough of a reason to scrap or sideline Kambona from the Tanzanian history, the way it is currently taught to our kids?

This debate is not about whether Kambona was better than Nyerere. IT is about Kambona's position in Tanzanian history. It is unfortunate that my objective has been misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

Kambona's position in Tanzanian history is ZERO. And, indeed, he was bad.

Mimi niko hapa Kijitonyama sijawahi kufika hata Arusha. Kwa hivyo naomba radhi, mimi Ulaya sija fika. Wana sema ulaya kuko kama Masaki....Kwa hivyo wasomi muniwie radhi.

Mimi ni UMACHINGA nimeishia Form Four. Kambona, as an economist, alijua kabisa Nyerere was making mistake ya kuingia kwenye ujamaa and he tried to alert Nyerere. Tatizo kubwa la Kambona, hakuweza kumuelimisha Nyerere, viongozi wengine au wananchi kuhusu Matatizo ya ujamaa. Matokeo yake, Kambona alifungasha virago vyake akakimbilia huko Ulaya.

Well, Kukimbilia Ulaya siyo vibaya. Hata mimi natafuta njia ya kuja huko. Nasikia kuna fanana na Mbinguni.

Kambona alivyo kimbilia Ulaya, hakufanya chochote kuhusu nchi yake; knowingly, Tanzania economy was going to collapse. Alinyamaza kimya. If he was not that bad, he should have done something while in Europe kuonyesha ubovu wa siasa za Mchonga. Ange andika hata kitabu cha page 10, atuelimishe ubovu wa ujamaa au Nyerere. He did not. I guess alifika huko Ulaya akasahau nyumbani na kuanza kunywa John Mtembezi (John Walker) This is bad. Na mtu kama huyo in our society is bad, very bad...

Ndugu zangu Mulioko huko Ulaya, huku nyumbani kuna msemo usemao "ZIMWI LIKUJUALO, HALIKULI UKAKWISHA"

Bongoland Zimwi tulijualo ni Mchonga. Tukiangalia majirani zetu ambao walifuata siasa za kibepari tangia Uhuru, wana chapana mapanga, uchumi na maisha yao siyo ya kuonea wivu. You know what, probably wote wange anza na Ujamaa their lieves wouln't be that bad. Who knows...?

My point is, hata kama Kambona angefanikiwa to convince Nyerere kufuata siasa za kibepari, there is not guarantee maisha ya watanzania yangekuwa mazuri saidi na yalivyo sasa.

Ndugu zangu, haya ni maoni yangu. Naomba tuchambue maoni. Mjadala huu ni mzuri saana. Metty please keep the ball rowling kudos to you. Amani na Upendo ziwenasi sote.


Sam GM said...

Thanks again for keeping the simple question rolling though still unanswered. And Mashala, your view points are as objectively as one could be on the subject.I am not in a better position to pass down to history what transpired then, however, it is no secret how Nyerere ruled the country. It was either you are with him or against him and that was it until later days when he kind of had a change of heart. Well out of this context, when Nyerere and Kambona disagreed on Ujamaa issues ,it was vividly to Nyerere that Kambona was against him and as to show solidarity to him, most if not every body wanted to be in favor with him. This is when Oscar found himself exiled from his own party, people and later his own country.
Literary speaking ujamaa disagreement was not reasons enough to sideline kambona from the mainstream, every person is entitled to his/her beliefs. To me this was neither a gross misconduct nor a matter of life and death for the country's survival.
Metty, to answer your simple question, short and clear the ujamaa disagreement was not enough reasons to sideline Kambona from Tanzania History in the making. The problem then and now is that our leaders do not disagree on issues objectively, a personality thing has to flare in between every disagreements. Now you have cause and effect there which leads to ones suffering or blunders that can not be corrected, to stand up agaist a leaders is still viewed as a crime and a leader can get away with as much rubbish and crap as if the country is in slumber. Was Kingunge better than Kambona? did Nyerere had disagreements with kingunge just as much as with Kambona? what made the scenario different for Kingunge compared to Kambona? I do not have good sources to support this argument, however it seems like Nyerere, so it is believed, that he later had a change of heart, and instead of sidelinenig foes he sent them to kivukoni.
It still beats my understanding that you could have a full cabinet minister as "minister without potifolio" for really this is sick, insane and an insult to the administration institution. But still no body questioned then. and why would any one question any way? we still have along way to go. visonary leaders are not born, they are not imported either, why do we lack them in bongolond? or even in Africa? look at this, a finance minister is backing up a pay rise for President Mwai kibaki in Kenya, can you believe a one month presidential salary in Kenya is $44,000? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6220396.stm how long shall we stand aside and watch this? Do we really have resoueces to pay an african president that much? for what? is it tied to his performance appraisal or what? this is not even in the remedial common sense of strategic planning.
Okay, back to the subject matter, both Nyerere and Kambona were wrong. Nyerere was wrong that he didn't try to seek a second opinion to his Ujamaa idea, and Kambona was wrong for shutting up in London, Kambona would have been that person raising his voice to the top of his lungs days in and days out until Nyerere listened to him. At the end of the day,Nyerere did much more good to the common mwananchi and not Kambona!

Anonymous said...

Just another Sucker in another country but i love Tanzania, not the history of suckers who increased problems of the wananchi. I do not point a finger to anybody, what I say is there are many suckers who have corrupted our system in the past and right now. Focusing on two or three people who have nothing to do with you is bad, especially if those people are dead it is a waste of precious time. Write books about those people and see who will buy or criticize. Do not make thir families sad. Clear?

Anonymous said...

Wako wapi mashujaa wa Uhuru Tanganyika?
Na Mohamed Said
HISTORIA ya TANU ingelipotea kabisa kama siyo juhudi za makusudi za Profesa John Illife wa Cambridge aliyekuwa mwalimu wa historia Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam katika miaka ya katikati ya 1960.
Illife alipogundua tatizo lililokuwapo katika historia ya uhuru wa Tanganyika na hasa historia ya TANU na nafasi ya Julius Nyerere katika kuanzishwa kwake alifanya azma ya kuitafiti na kuiandika. John Illife aliwaagiza wanafunzi wake kutafiti na kuandika maisha ya wazalendo waliofanya mambo ya kutukuka katika sehemu zao. Zoezi hili lilipokamilika palipatikana historia za wazalendo wengi na kazi hii ikazaa kitabu Modern Tanzanians ambacho Iliffe alikihariri na yeye mwenyewe akiwa mmoja wa watu waliochangia uandishi akaandika maisha ya Martin Kayamba.
Kitabu hiki kina habari za maisha ya Watanganyika 12 ambao waliishi miaka ya mwanzo ya karne ya ishirini wakati wa utawala wa Wajerumani hadi kufika kwa Waingereza. Katika kitabu hiki kitu kimoja kinachojitokeza dhahiri ni kuwa wazalendo wote walioshiriki katika kutafuta Uhuru wa Tanganyika walikuwa Waislam. (Kleist Sykes, Ali Ponda na Hassan Suleiman) wao maisha yao yalijikita katika siasa za ukombozi wa Tanganyika kutoka ukoloni wa Waingereza wakati wenziwao Wakristo Canon Kolumba Msigala, Pastor Yohane Nyagava na Bishop Jeremiah Kissula) historia ya maisha yao ilikuwa katika nyanja za utumishi wa kanisa.
Hali hii imeendelea hadi ilipofika wakati wa kuasisiwa kwa TANU. Katika ukweli huu ndipo palipo tatizo la wanahistoria kuiogopa historia ya kweli ya TANU kwa kuwa harakati zilichukua mkondo mkali wa Waislam kupinga ukoloni kwa dhati. Kwa ajili hii basi historia nzima ya kudai uhuru imejaa majina ya Waislam. Hili ni moja ya sababu inayofanya historia hii iwe nyeti, iogopewe na isitafitiwe na kuandikwa inavyopaswa. Hili ni tatizo la kwanza.
Tatizo la pili ni watafiti kwa hofu au kwa kutaka kujipendekeza kwa Mwalimu Julius Nyerere kupuuza michango ya wale waliokuwa katika harakati za kupambana na ukoloni ama kabla ya Nyerere au walikuwa pamoja nae. Watafiti hawa pamoja na hata wanasiasa ndani ya TANU kwa wakati ule wakawa wanashindana katika kumjazia sifa Mwalimu Nyerere kuwa kwa hakika kabla yake hapakuwa na harakati zozote za kutaka kuikomboa Tanganyika. Hali hii iliendelea kwa kipindi kirefu hadi kwa mara ya kwanza mmoja kati ya waasisi wa TANU, marehemu Joseph Kasella Bantu alipoandika kueleza mchango wake katika kuunda TANU.
Katika makala ile Kasella Bantu alijigamba kwa kusema kuwa yeye ndiye aliyeitisha mkutano mkuu wa mwaka 1954(New African March 1985). Kassela Bantu ikawa hapa kama vile kafungua sanduku la Pandora kwa kuwa palitokea watu wakampinga kuwa hakusema kweli yote katika nukta ile. Mwandishi wa makala hii akiwa mmojawapo alimpinga Kassela Bantu (New African May 1985) kwa kusema kuwa kama ipo haja ya kutoa sifa kwa mtu mmoja mmoja basi sifa ile alistahili zaidi marehemu Abdulwahid Sykes. Mchango wa familia ya Sykes katika kuiasisi African Association na baadae TANU umejipembua vyema na unafahamika. Huu ndio ukweli wa historia ya TANU na mambo yalivyokuwa kati ya mwaka 1929 ilipoasisiwa African Association (AA) hadi 1954 TANU ilipozaliwa, iwe wanahistoria wanatambua au vinginevyo.
Sasa kwa kujua au kutojua Mwalimu Nyerere ambae maisha yake yote hakupenda kuizungumzia historia ya TANU au habari za wazalendo waliokuwapo katika siasa kabla yake, katika kuadhimisha miaka 30 ya Azimio la Busara mjini Tabora Mwalimu Nyerere alitoa hotuba kuhusu umuhimu wa kuwatambua wazalendo walioijenga TANU kati ya mwaka 1954 - 1958. Sababu ya kusema maneno hayo lilikuwa swali aliloulizwa katika mkutano wa hadhara na Mzee Ramadhani Singo mmoja wa wanachama shupavu wa TANU Tabora. Singo alimkabili Mwalimu Nyerere na kumuuliza ‘Mwalimu mbona umetusahau wenzako?’ Swali lile liligusa hisia za Mwalimu na ile hadhira iliyokuwapo pale. Ndiyo katika kujibu swali lile Mwalimu Nyerere akawaadhimisha mashujaa walioingia TANU zile siku za mwanzo.
Kikundi kile cha wapigania uhuru wa TANU waliokuwa pale mkutanoni mbele ya Mwalimu takriban wote walikuwa wazee katika kanzu mbovu na nguo zilizochakaa. Katika hali ile hawakutoa picha iliyompendeza yeyote. Mwalimu Nyerere akiwa hakika katahayari kwa kuwaona wapigania uhuru wenzake walivyokuwa taabani aliona ipo haja kwa wakati na saa ile kuwaadhimisha. Ndipo aliposema waasisi wa TANU waheshimiwe. Sasa basi kwa Mwalimu Nyerere tokeo kama hili lilikuwa la pili kumtokea. Hali kama ile ilimtokea Kizota alipokutana na Dossa Aziz.
Mwaka 1987 katika Mkutano maarufu wa Kizota ndipo Nyerere alikutana na Dossa Aziz uso kwa uso baada ya miaka mingi kupita. Dossa mfadhili mkubwa wa Mwalimu na TANU alikuwa kachoka kwa shida. Dossa sasa alikuwa masikini na hali yake haikuweza kujificha. Kila aliyemjua Dossa na enzi zake alishtushwa na hali yake. Inasemekana hata nguo za kuvaa kuja katika mkutano wa Kizota ilibidi anunuliwe na rafiki yake mpenzi toka utotoni waliosoma darasa moja hapo Shule ya Kichwele (sasa Shule ya Uhuru) Balozi Abbas Sykes. Dossa aliweka mfuko wake wazi kwa Nyerere na TANU katika kupigania uhuru wa Tanganyika. Kadi yake ya TANU ni namba 4. Dossa ndiye aliipa TANU gari yake ya kwanza – Land Rover ambayo ndiyo iliyomtembeza Nyerere nchi nzima wakati wa kuitangaza TANU kwa wananchi.
Waliomjua Dossa na ukarimu wake walilia kwa kwikwi wakati wa mazishi yake. Waliona uchungu kwa kuwa Dossa hakuwa mtu wa kupanga foleni kungoja tiba Hospitali ya Tumbi. Hali ya Dossa ilimgusa sana Mwalimu Nyerere na haikupita muda Mwalimu alimnunulia Dossa gari imsaidie.
Turudi kwa Baba wa Taifa. Sasa kwa mara ya pili katika kipindi kisichozidi mwaka hali kama ile ya Dossa aliyoiona Kizota alikuwa anaiona tena kwa wazee wa Tabora – wapigania uhuru wa Tanganyika waliochoka na kupigwa sawasawa na ufukara. Ilikuwa lazima Mwalimu aseme kitu kuhusu hawa wazalendo aliowasahau au waliosahauliwa na historia na wakati. Mwalimu kwa kuwatukuza waasisi wale alisema kuwa siku za mwanzo za TANU zilikuwa ngumu na chama lazima kiwaheshimu wale wanachama wa mwanzo. Kwa kauli ile Mwalimu Nyerere akawa kanifungulia mimi njia ya kupita kwa kuunga mkono maneno yake. Nikaandika makala ambayo kwa mara ya kwanza nikasema kuwa historia ya TANU haiwezi kukamilika bila kutaja mchango wa Waislam na bila ya kumtaja Abdulwahid na Ally Sykes, Saadani Abdu Kandoro, John Rupia na Dossa Aziz (In Praise of Ancestors: Africa Events March/April 1988).
Mwalimu alichukua uongozi wa TAA toka kwa Abdulwahid Sykes. Uchaguzi huu una kisa kirefu cha kusisimua wakati mwalimu wa shule asiyejulikana Julius Nyerere kutoka Musoma alipomuangusha kwa kura chache sana ndani ya Ukumbi wa Arnatouglou Abdulwahid Sykes, kijana maarufu wa mjini na mtoto wa mmoja wa waasisi wa African Association ambaye baba yake, Kleist Sykes alifanya mengi katika maendeleo ya Waafrika kati ya vita kuu mbili za dunia. Inasikitisha sana kuona kuwa kipande hiki cha kupokezana uongozi kati ya marehemu Abdulwahid Sykes na Nyerere ni katika historia inayofanywa nyeti.
Wanasiasa wetu na hata Nyerere mwenyewe katika umri wake wote wa siasa aliijenga fikra yake vyema kiasi kuwa alifanikiwa kufuta katika ubongo wake ni vipi alikuja kupata uongozi wa TAA. Katika maisha yake yote hakupata hata siku moja kutamka majina ya wazalendo wenzake aliokuwa nao kati ya mwaka 1953 hadi 1961 Tanganyika ilipojikomboa.
Katika kupuuza historia ya siasa kabla ya kuja kwa Mwalimu Nyerere viongozi wetu imewalazimu kubadilisha msamiati. TAA chama ambacho kilidumu kwa miongo miwili kikipigania haki ya Mwafrika kikawa baada ya kuundwa TANU kinakejeliwa na wanasiasa wapya na watafiti wa historia ya uhuru wa Tanganyika. Ikawa kila inapotajwa TAA ile sura yake ya chama cha siasa huvuliwa kikaitwa ‘chama cha starehe.’ Kwa maana ya kuwa TAA haikuwa lolote hadi Nyerere alipofika na wasemavyo wenyewe kuanzisha TANU.
Kwa mantiki hii ikawa lazima ilazimishwe kuwa TANU iliasisiwa na Mwalimu Nyerere peke yake bila ya msaada wa yeyote. Huu ndio ukawa mwelekeo hata wa Mwalimu Nyerere. Historia yote ya nyuma hadi kufikia mwaka 1954 ilipoundwa TANU ikazikwa na ikawa kama vile ni usaliti kuwataja wazalendo wengine waliokuwa katika siasa kabla ya Mwalimu Nyerere.
Leo hii wangapi wanajua kuwa siku ya mwisho walipokubaliana kuunda TANU mkutano huo ulifanyika Makao Makuu ya TAA New Street kwenye chumba kidogo kilichukuwa na samani duni? Ndani ya chumba kile walikuwapo wanakamati ya ndani ya TAA - Abdulwahid, Ally, Dossa, Mzee Rupia na Nyerere. Baadhi yao katika chumba kile walikuwa wamepindua masanduku ya bia na kuyakalia kwa kuwa viti vilikuwa havitoshi. Vyumba katika ofisi ile ya TAA vilikuwa vimepangishwa Muhindi aliyekuwa akifanya kazi ya kufua nguo (dobi).
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Alipokufa Dossa Aziz ilipofika wakati wa CCM kutoa rambirambi zao hawakujua waseme nini kwa kuwa viongozi waliokuwapo hakuna hata mmoja aliyekuwa anajua mchango gani Dossa alitoa kwa Nyerere na TANU na kwa bahati mbaya sana Mwalimu Nyerere hakuhudhuria mazishi yale.
Juma Volter Mwapachu katika tanzia aliyomwandikia Dossa, ‘Dossa Aziz a Fallen Hero’ (The African 12 May 1998) alimlaumu Mwalimu kwa kukaa kimya kuhusu wapigania uhuru wenzake kiasi kuwa hakuna chochote kinachojulikana kuhusu mchango wao.
Hali hii ilijitokeza pia katika mazishi ya Mzee Paul Bomani hakuelezwa kama ilivyostahili. Kwanini tuogope kuieleza historia vilivyo?
Mohamed Said ni mwanahistoria, mwandishi wa vitabu na makala.

Anonymous said...

Dear bloggers,
What kind of degree you have, from what university in the world, am sure you have worked hard and earned it.As a matter of fact we need more wasomi in our land. I would rather have PHD driving cabs like in USA, than the idiots who currently work in our government or parliament.

What matter in this blog, is if you can argue effectively about your point of view. And Apeche had damn good arguments, none of you so far have been able to refute them.

How rich you are good for you, we just don't care!! no one has asked for a job here, no one has asked for a bread or water from anyone.

Success is different thing to different people, for some is money, for some is education, for some is a position in a society. All in all we don't care.

No, here is my view about this question:

I think Metty's question is largely IRRELEVANT,caput, empty, don't worry people, none of your kids are going to study Kambona in our history.

The world is full of wannabe's, he was one of them. Having theories or having dreams, on what, how something should be done is one thing, make them come true is completely another.

The world can only judge you for what you have done, not for what you have proposed or merely suggested.

Hence, Kambona is insignificant in Tanzania history, irrelevant, a mere one liner, would suffice in our history books.

I agree with the lady who said, Nyerere was the best thing ever happen to Tanzania. After all better the devil you know, than the one you don't.


Anonymous said...

Given what Semali concluded it follows that all historians of the country in discussion are totally insiginificant with no exception, there is no history to be proud of. So for those whose name appear in the history have a made a lot of mess to the economy and divided the society instead of uniting it. Many institutions underperformed, there is nothing under the bad boys to be proud of. Bad Boys are in control of the government from 1961 to 2006 and probably up to 2020!! The real proud history of that country will probably will start after 2020

Anonymous said...

Blogger please watch out for strucure and ethics in this blog and address much more important issues than the people who have nothing to do with the present and future of TZ. How long it takes you to come up with new topic?
It is up to people to decide what they want or whom they decide to honor for whatever historical reason, i honer my grandfather he was a hero and did not want to play nonsense during those times.


History in many cases reflects selective memories. In case of Kambona and nyerere is no different. A lot that is said about them reflects how people remember them, how they understood them and how they were affected by them. This shows why there will be more to talk and remember about Nyerere more than Kambona. Nyerere is the one who touched the majority of Tanzanians for better or worse.Kambona was a capitalist who had a lot of properties, hence the one to lose during the Azimio la Arusha.I wouldn't be suprised if his decision against Ujamaa was based more on personal issues than that of national interests. I can very well base this on solely the nature of all good capitalists in the world.I can not see a lot of people willing to choose an ideology that will result into them losing their fortunes easily, especially if they are the decision maker. During Nyerere time ,allover the world there were no clear cut big picture of which ideology is the best.U.S.A still couldnt prove the Soviet's way wrong. I believe it was a time where leaders could experiment with different ways of running countries without having total opposition from every corner of the world. Both the west and the east were busy looking for allies. If the Americans don't side with U , U automatically knew U will get support from the Russians. I still think Tanzania is better off having gone through Nyerere 's time. I know for sure that there will never come one leader in any country who will provide answers to everything.What we need is the system which will supply leaders who come to power to add positives to the nations and sincerely correct where things went wrong with the previous leadership.Leaders who are going to be chosen by the people because of what they have to offer and not because of which party, tribes or religions they are affiliated with.I think Kambona was wrong to remain silent abroad. If he wrote and said more we would have learned more about his vision. I am happy Tanzania did not reach where the Khmer Rouge reached in Cambodya during Ujamaa experiment.Then again, Kambona wasn't that bad because he was harmless to the majority of Tanzanians who were not touched by his existance or his visions. Nyerere was good for the majority and were he was weak is were we stand to correct. The question is are fixing were he was weak?The question is : what about Mwinyi,and Mkapa's legacies?

Anonymous said...

Karamagi waziri nishati ni bomu lingine pia ndani ya serekali mufilisi ya bongo, utawapaje Richmond muda zaidi na kusema eti February ndio utawapeleka kortini kama hawajatekeleza ahadi zao? Kampuni feki unapoteza nayo muda, giza linaendelea na uchumi na uzalishaji unazidi kushuka, ili mradi unaingia ofisini unakula kiyoyozi na kupanda VX8, memngine huwazi. Ama kweli serikali yetu ni mufilisi kabisa kwa kulilalia damu hili swala la umeme. Kigezo gani huyu Karamai anatumia kuwapa muda zaidi watu feki?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing up this debate. It is high time and importnat for us to revisit history at all times so that we do not repeat the same mistakes.

The comments to your question centre on the socialist/capitalist extremes of viewpoint but I would like to give a different picture based on historical facts.

Even though Nyerere declared Socialism for Tanzania, it was the West who gave him full backing of his policies through the Swedish and Nordic Governments, the UK Govt , the IMF and World Bank who contributed more aid to Tanzania to fund ujamaa than any other African country. Yes, never in the history of EAST/West Cold War relations was a socilaist country aided and abetted by the West and yet still the policies failed. What was their aim? Check the facts?

At independence TANU had already declared its socialist leanings and both Nyerere and Kambona (infact the history books show Nyerere to be the moderate and Kambona to be the radical) thought of themselves as left of centre.

The difference came when Nyerere wanted to impose ujamaa and force the brutal relocation of millions of people from their homelands. Kambona saw this as a violation of human rights.

Similarly he did not agree to the abolishen of the trade unions and the the cooperatives and the local district councils which allowed for a decentralization of power and acted as checks and balance to the central power. Neither did Kambona believe in having one all powerful party running everything.

Kambona did write about his views in many publications but they were band in Tanzania. There is a project to publish his thoughts in Tanzania for all Tanzanians to read the truth and make up their own minds. Watch this space.

And yes and regime that has to sink so low as to create derogatory songs against another human being is proof that the regime has lost the plot.

thank you again

Jaduong Metty said...

@Anony 7:47 AM

Thanks for visiting and dropping your comments. I must agree with you - revisiting history is always a good thing, particularly when that history is somewhat skewed to favor just a few.

I am still to be convinced as to why Kambona was sidelined -- or better yet, Nyerere being at the center stage.

Anonymous said...

Before Nyerere there was no Tanzanialet alone the idea of such a union. It would be self-deception to think everybody in Tanganyika or Tanzania had the thought or the will to do what Nyerere did. Let us be realistic that after his passing we can now think of Tanzania. Did you also think of Tanzania as a country before Nyerere? If you did why didn't you tell us about it?

Jaduong Metty said...

@Anonymous 5:38
The issue is not really what Nyerere did, which could be debated. Nonetheless, the core question, which you chose to ignore, is whether Kambona was as bad as the Tanzanian history (mostly engineered to favor Nyerere) tries to put it.

The debate is not whether Nyerere was better compared to Kambona, but whether we are justified in vilifying Kambona. I would be glad to hear your voice on that one.

dkarani said...

The post independence years were a very tricky time to be a leader in emerging African nations. The cold war meant that you are either a Capitalist or Socialist. If you were rich in minerals (e.g. DR Congo), then you had no choice, because they would fight over you, in your own tough, and, indeed, if you happened to be Patrice Lumumba and not heeding their dictates, you were as good as dead! To remain as a leader, you had to be a puppet.

No wonder we got Non-Aligned movement. Nyerere opted for the NAM while at the same time exercising "his" variant of socialism called "Ujamaa. This middle ground was a safer bet, especially because over and above ideological divide, Tanzania did no have much strategic importance economically and militarily. Politically, however, Tanzania had some importance. Read on.

At the same time, Nkrumah of Ghana was advocating the founding of a United States of Africa. He was a visionary who saw that Africa's future depended upon its ability to face the world as a single super nation. (Think of the USA, EU). The West new he was right and that was not music to their ears. They did not want a strong, super continental country which may turn out to be very powerful especially given its comparative advantage in terms of natural resources endowments and other gifts of nature such as weather. Nkrumah’s idea needed to be discouraged.

Nyerere did not support the US of Africa idea not because he did not believe in it, but because he thought it was important to get all African countries liberated first. He believed that Africa as a whole could not be free if some of our brothers and sisters were still under colonialism. The West seized the opportunity to support Nyerere's position, thereby effectively applying the time-tested-never-failing tactic: "divide and rule".

The West new that Nyerere (together with Kaunda, and, was it the Ethiopian leader?) needed support so that Nkrumah’s proposals fail. Perhaps that is why even though Nyerere was a socialist; he still received support from the West. And we all know the fate of Nkrumah! And, or yes, its part of our history.

But how does all this connects to Kambona? Was Kambona that bad?

Kambona was not that bad, but had he taken over the country, I conjure that he might have been bad, and, Nyerere may have seen it coming! I will explain.

Kambona was inclined to the Western capitalist philosophy, which would suggest that he would have abandoned the NAM position and lean to the West. This would alert the Russians who would have reacted. The cold war was fought in Congo because of a battle for control of rare minerals needed by both Russia and the West for the defence industry (resulting in the killing of Lumumba and installation of a useless despot named Mobutu).

Nyerere, I believe, knew that if he followed Kambona's capitalist policies, the Russians would not be happy, and the jackals would be all over the place. Perhaps neither he nor Kambona would have survived.
And not because of minerals as was the case in Congo, but because of sphere of influence as well as the need for a stable Nyerere who would act as a counter balance to Nkrumah.

So Nyerere did not want Kambona because he would have opened a can full of capitalists and socialists worms which would have rotten the country. Nyerere smelled a rat, and Kambona had to go. The capitalist did not support Kambona even when he skipped the ship to the West because they did not want a war with Russia (in cold war terms). Nyerere was useful as far as “delaying” the formation of US of Africa was concerned, why should the West bother? In other words, had Nyerere been as stubborn as Nkrumah, perhaps the West would have found use for Kambona.

So, was he so bad? Someone gotta sort that out

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