Sunday, January 28, 2007

Snoozing Folks...

I am trying to picture the old good days without blogs and the internet. The days that the only information outlet in Tanzania was the Daily News, Uhuru and RTD. In those days, the disgusting image we see here wouldn't have made it through to everybody. How I love technology!

In a nutshell, this is just pathetic. I mean, these are some of the "thinkers" in Tanzania.

I don't want to sound like a genius, but I once blogged on the fact that ours is a snoozing government. I only didn't realize that some day, I will come to witness literal snoozing.

Just visit my previous blog , so you can see my musing on the sleeping government.

Photo: Mroki


Anonymous said...

I think, they have been attacked by nutritional effects, by eating Ugali, maharage, or Beer with Lunch wile at work, you are inviting kukorama when listening to a long and bogus speech. Whoever was talking, was not talking points.

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luihamu said...

Sometimes i wish i could shake up your hand my brother,this is what we need to see,this is Africa you see what Africans do,day dreaming.Keep it up Metty nakufagilia wawawawa.

Anonymous said...

Hey, listen, I'm all for a government that snoozes!!! What the hell else would they be doing in positions of power?

No, really. I wish some of the members of the governments of the most powerful nations in the world take a long, long snooze and let the PEOPLE rule the country. How much worse could it be if democracy really prevailed and PEOPLE really ruled a country?

Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Anony, Cut that s off man, a government hat snoozes, will put your wealth into jeopardy unless you are damn poor and don`t want any security.