Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rorya HQ: Blah Blah Continues…

I wish I had this wonderful magic wand that I could just swing around. Trust me on this – the first folks that I would have wiped out, or turn into little creepy creatures would have been Bongoland politicians. Man, I hate them.

And talking about Bongoland, did you know that witchdoctors are licensed by the government? Honestly, that was a huge revelation to me. I thought all you had to do was to find a mat and a shade at Mnazi Mmoja in Dar and walaahh!

Seriously, since these things are supposedly done in the “dark”, how would government’s regulatory body know which doctors are qualified? Or could it be that the process is so easy, since most of the government officials are customers anyway, putting them in a great position to gauge the effectiveness of the doctors?

I’m just kidding, but October 2010 is not that far. Just watch out for the heavy traffic on Bagamoyo Road.

Sorry for the digression.

My talk really was this Rorya headquarters thing. I know for some of you, this is a nonissue. I can understand that. Nonetheless, to me this is a classic case of how folks in Bongoland will NEVER see progress in a short while. I mean, if the government can’t decide on a newly established district’s headquarters, what makes you think they are capable of managing other complex and scientific endeavors?

Think about that.

News is, folks in Bongoland are waiting for the president to decide on the Rorya HQ.

The saddest part is that I reflected on this on January 28, 2008. That was exactly one year ago (that is discounting the fact that the whole saga started in 2006). Essentially, it is going to take the government more than 365 days to decide something that could be done in a day!
How I wish for that magic wand!

Seriously, something is very wrong in Bongoland.
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