Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Month? Really?

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I posted anything here. But you know what? I have been busy with those two guys...Seriously, can you blame me?


Anonymous said...

Bless you and your family.
Love them!

Jaduong Metty said...

Thanks Subi. Daddy is surely proud...hopefully when they go to school I will find time now and then to blog more...

January. M. said...

Yes, I can blame you! cuz the world isn't stopping because of those two little men and thus you too should not stop. What happened to multitasking? All you need to do is make sure the latest time they go to bed is 8:00PM, remember to feed them well though because if you don't the will wake up within no time.

And for the older one, take him to the pack, let him slide, play ball with him, do not worry they have lots of energy at that age and they need some way to release it, in the end he will get tired, and that is the point, I mean getting tired! once that happens he would go straight to bed after 6 or 7PM dinner and I guarantee you he will sleep all night long. he wouldn't even care about his fav. cartoons or toy(s).

As for little one...... he is tricky at that age but feeding him would buy you some time to blog, lol. You got to blog man.

Jaduong Metty said...


It is exactly because of the activities you described that I can't find my blogging mojo.

After "no!", "stop!", "no, no, no, no!" "Ala!", "wewe!" "acha!", "stopppppp!!", I also end up going to bed, well, tired.

I will try to blog, but if I end bringing diaper stories don't quit on me. :)

January. M. said...

Diaper stories used to turn me off but that does not mean they will turn off your other readers. I like them baby's stories, it's not too long ago my 4yr old asked how come I (me) do not talk like his teacher, in other words how come I have an accent? and before I knew it he was correcting my water pronunciation, a few days later I heard him telling his big sister it is not "juisi" it's "juusi", that is juice. I was like man, who is supposed to be a teacher in my house?

I can't wait for him to grow up a little because I can't wait to tell him you know what I am the teacher, and not just a regular teacher, I will tell him it is my trade! I will make it personal because I endured a bunch of barafu adhoc meetings in the middle of the night, I barely survived Masalu's education research class, and that Psychology teacher (can't remember his name)Mwerangi and that other commerce guy from Chang'ombe all for nothing? lol.

I do not know what he is going to say when he realizes I am almost all the time using "R" and "L" synonymously!

Hey bring on those "diaper" stories if that is what it takes to bring you back to blogging.

One thing I have never told you is that I like you blog not because I personally know you or because I agree with you about what you write 100% if the time, No, it's because you "speak" your mind. I really loved your Friday thing that you had going on, I like you other analysis about Bongo and bongolanders too.

in short diaper stories won't make me quit on you but not writing anything for months will!

Ahsante na kwaheri

Anonymous said...

Jaduong, I know your kids, they are not that handful:) the little one goes to bed at 7:30pm and the older one at 8:30pm and they sleep thru the night so do not use them as a buffer:) we need good excuse sir:). Just let us know you are taking a break and we will move to the next blogger but surely we will miss your articles so please write something at least once a week. anyway i miss your bloggin' as there is no one tacklin' the issues the way you do.

Anonymous said...

I still read 10 professional blogs a day and have to work and take kids to the park or tours or library or sports.I have to go the bar and to the club on some week ends. Life is what you make it. Politics stops here.LOL!

Jaduong Metty said...


What happened to siasa za Ujamaa? Not even a single soul backed me up..how sad :).

January -
U took me a long trek back memory lane...Shycom...Masalu...oh my goodness! Well, I will bring them diapers stories, but if it start stinking here, just hold on to your seats...

Anonymous said...

Metty mbona unakuwa na moyo mgumu hivyo au unataka utumiwe papa akumeze na kukutema Dodoma ndio utaanza kuandika tena?

Jaduong Metty said...

Anony 10:09
Chonde, chonde, wasije papa na nyangumi kunimeza. Nanyoosha mikono juu na kuahidi kwamba nitaleta vigongo muda si mrefu.

People, are you seriously going to send me a whale? :)