Saturday, June 05, 2010

We Are Not Blind, Progress is Visible

So what's the point of opening up shop and never keeping it operational? Don't answer that, because that's not a question for you, it is for me. I have my reasons, plenty of them, but that's a topic for another day.

What made swing by today is this recurring theme in Bongoland politics – the notion that politicians have to highlight "progress" that whichever "awamu" has made. I have tried to ignore it, but I just felt like musing about it. Please review this article to follow me.

I can understand the temptation that the Makambas and the Kikwetes have, causing them to drum up non-issues as the highlight of the day. That is because from a practical standpoint, these guys aren't doing crap.

Politicians' talk or discussion on issues that are part of their daily responsibilities and which are visible or assessable without explanations, speaks volume about either their intelligence or wananchi's understanding. I would lean, however, on the later, because the Makambas know exactly what they're doing.

And that to me is a sad reality.

Seriously, isn't progress visible? Can't wananchi see for themselves a constructed road, a fully equipped health clinic, or a fully staffed local school without Makamba telling them? Won't they be able to tell if they are employed, have safe and steady water supply, uninterrupted supply of electricity, or responsible cops securing the streets?

So why on earth would I be sit or stand in the scorching sun to listen to an incompetent District Commissioner (DC) rumble about "progress" I can assess for myself?

I guess I'm just seeing things from a weird perspective.

I have said this before, but it wouldn't hurt to do it again. I strongly believe that lack of critical thinking skills is hurting the Tanzanian society a whole lot. I'm convinced that if the led (wananchi) had the capacity to look at the leader's speeches and deeds critically, they would have been able to hold the leaders (mafisadi) accountable.

Don't you think someone with a critical thinking mind would have raised hell for a DC to spend their tax shilling to propagate something that don't need propagating?

Man, I can't wait for the day a Korogwe's DC would get washed in cow dung for saying something stupid or a Mwanza's Regional Commissioner going home smelling like raw tilapia. Seriously. These guys are insane.


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