Thursday, July 06, 2006

It Hurts...

As a citizen who loves his country, sometimes I just wish that things would have been a little bit better. Sometimes it aches to the core when I see other countries succeeding in achieving their social and economic goals. It really hurts when I know for sure that some of those countries are not endowed with so much of resources like we do. It hurts to know that repeatedly there are stories of corruption and lack of accountability.

It hurts to know that there are folks we have entrusted with the country, only to loot it and steal from it. It hurts to see innocent folks still living in slums and huts, while the folks entrusted with the country are living large in their big old shangingiz. It hurts to see them let the wazunguz treat us like trash in our own country. It hurts to see them let wazunguz come and loot our country. But what hurts the most, is that these folks in power are no dummies, from an academic standpoint. These folks are learned. These folks are even educated in the whiteman's land. These folks boast of PhDs and advanced degrees. These folks attended some of the best institutions in the world such as Harvard University.

Upon graduation, these folks were supposed to take their education and go back to Bongoland and apply it. These folks were supposed to develop the country post colonial days. These folks, being our own people, were supposed to look after us - their hommies, their peeps, their blood, their grandpas and grandmas. It has not turned out to be that way, has it?. What went amiss then? What went wrong?

See, you could have made an argument that these fellas have not seen what the rest of the world is doing. But that argument does not hold water. Some of these folks have spent a good chunk of their years overseas. Some of these fellas have even returned their greencards to the US Embassy with such a fanfare. But why aren't they delivering? Why aren't they measuring up?

May be because they are incompetent. May be because they just don't want to. May be because wananchi have accepted their poverty. It hurts because none of us in the diaspora would tell you that we are happy being exiled ughaibuni. Most of us are discouraged by a broken system. I am disheartened by a repeated lies and deception. I am tired of political blah blah that have been around since December 9, 1961. I am tired of those catch phrases and slogans such as "Fagio la Chuma" that didn't sweep anything. That's why I am here...slaving for Wal-Mart, sweating off at a home care facility...etc. I mean, if someone like Amina Chifupa is a law maker, why would I be encouraged to go back to Tanzania? It hurts.

It just just stings knowing that we could do better.


ned said...

Mzee Metty,
Again... I understand your feelings.. and... yes it hurts!
From my perspective though... these people feel free to do whatever - because we have let them get away with it!
For example: Mramba kachemsha - period! BUt where is the cry demanding his resignation? Instead he has the audacity to tell the wabunge "tomorrow I am going abroad to find money to build your roads..? whose roads? why outside? what happen to what we have? Why not admit mistake - get back to the drawing board and re-do the whole budget?
In my opinion that's what should have been done... But it was not done that way... and the guy slid by free!
You see.. that needs to change - I totally agree. But I trully do not believe blogging only helps! We should use these blogs to inspire action!
tatizo wabongo - all of us - are not there yet! we would rather talk about it, but action? noooo!
We need another Nyerere's the ones who will come specifically for challenges that are facing our nation today! we need revolutionaries.. people with so much passion to change the way things are done that they dream about it!
Without that depth of a passion - there will be no change brother! At most we will see drizzles here and there! But we need to act! lets demand better services, better acountability.. lets demand! it is our rights.

Jaduong Metty said...


I couldn't have agreed with you more...But action starts with ideas..and blogging is the starting point.

About pressurizing Mramba's resignation, why not start drafting a letter and get people's signatures? We can certainly do that..

Anonymous said...

I have finally found the few minutes that we all sometimes wish we had. You are dong great job providing different insights to the matters on the political arena.
We have a broken system, that when someone takes a few minutes and read some of the things that are happening in Bongo. It is very discouraging. It is like a disease that keeps fostering on newly developed cells. It is very frustrating!