Monday, September 25, 2006

Lipumbas: Exactly Why the Opposition Sucks

I am not particularly against CCM. I am not particularly against opposition parties either. The bottom line is that I am pro-progress, if such a word exists. The thing is, I am fond of progressive thinking and doing. I can care less if a wonderful idea comes from CCM or Chadema. As long as such a thinking is helping the regular mwananchi, I will rise my praise flag up.

It is not a lie the pathetic economic condition in Tanzania is mainly due to an ineffective CCM leadership. I know we can sing the popular "it is the wazungu's fault" song, but let us face it, wazungu left that country over 44 years ago!. So let's talk about the contribution of the Ujamaa policy. Let's talk about what somebody like John Malecela contributed to the country. Can you name me any policy or creative idea that the old dude came up with? You can probably search the entire world library and you can find none. So let's blame the power rationing in Tanzania on CCM. I think that's fair.

Given that "educated" wananchi understand the problem in Tanzania really is CCM, some received the introduction of multiparty system with such high hopes. I can't blame such wananchi, for I hoped too that the opposition will provide meaningful challenges and creative alternatives. Boy was I wrong! I strongly believe that given a choice between the two devils - opposition and CCM, the CCM devil surely is much better right now. The opposition devil, truly speaking, stinks!

And this is why. Recently, Professor Lipumba, lambasted President Kikwete for traveling too much. Specifically, he wanted the President to stick around the country to solve the electricity problem. Can you believe that? Can you believe that this is actually coming from a guy with a PhD designation? Honestly, I think that was a stupid comment. If anything, it helped to justify the notion that the opposition is not ready to run the country. If anything, it made CCM looked brilliant. Way to go Lipumba! Actually, I think the dude actually acted to his name - Lipumba.

Mr. Lipumba, here is a little school for you. Those in power are entitled to do all they can to execute their vision. If the CCM's manifesto can be executed by allowing the President to go outside the country to hawk Tanzania and wooing investors, please let him do that. We can only judge those in power by the failure to deliver on their promises. Had CUF beed in power, they would have done all it could to execute their vision too. So zip it up.

We can take a look at the President's itinerary this time around to see why Professor Lipumba's comments are childish. The President was in Cuba for the NAM meeting. He then had to attend a UN General Assembly Meeting in the United States. Quite logically and given the President is already in the United States, why not include a business/investment pitch work while in the United States? What is wrong with that? As I pointed out earlier, I am not particularly pro-CCM nor a pro-opposition, but I would support that which makes sense. In this case, Professor Lipumba did not make any sense.

I believe being in the opposition does not equate only to being a cry baby. Being in the opposition should be a way of producing effective, creative alternatives. But it appears like that ain't happening right now. It is actually saddening to see such educated folks like Professor Lipumba allowing themselves to be shortsighted by being overly political. Worse though, it gives the impression that there are no true thinkers in the opposition camp. But why would one argue with that? The opposition camp in Tanzania has failed to be relevant.

As a crazy as Rev. Mtikila is, I actually believe he has achieved some historical battles than the educated Lipumbas. So if one wants to put all his eggs in the opposition basket right now, I can only say one thing, pole sana. The camp simply stinketh, if can borrow the old English a little bit.


Anonymous said...

I echo your sentiment

simbadeo said...


I would say that I was a bit impressed by your comments on 'Lipumbas: Exactly why the Oppostion Sucks". However, I did not like the way you choose your words particularly when it comes to describe a person.
If I were in your position I would not have used such words/phrases as 'stupid comment', 'childish', LiPUMBA and others.
If you want to be critical of somebody, you have to stick to arguments, you should not cross borders and enter into criticizing one's personality and integrity.
I think you should also have taken sufficient time to ponder over the arguments raised by Prof. Lipumba. You would have discovered more than you did.


bongoman80 said...

I totally agree with Simbadeo...while I applaud Metty for being forthcoming with his views and opinions I denounce his ad hominen rhetoric. I believe in critiquing one's policies and ideologies rather than resorting to personal slander and disparaging remarks. Fellow development minded Tanzanians may not help but question the objectivity you claim to have while the tone of your craft is purely subjective and emotionally charged.
I would also like to comment on the President's foreign trips. In just over a year in power he has managed to make a reported 16 trips compared to his counterparts' Kibaki and Museveni's 10 each in the past four years. Again, folks can't help but questions as to the effectiveness and relevance of these escapades in light of the serious domestic issues we face. It would make perfect sense to make sure the requisite infrastructures are in place in order to entice investors. What shrewd businessman would put up a manufacturing facility while electricity is non-existent for 12 hours a day? If he is executing his party's vision, then this party is working against the very grass-roots requirements we so desperately need for economic prosperity.