Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Making Us Proud

You know, while it may seem that only politicians make headlines in Tanzania – mostly through bogus deals and less admirable deeds – some Bongolanders are making us proud out there. The list is not that exhaustive, but for sure, these folks have made me feel proud.

1. Rogers Mtagwa [check out Rogers' brief profile ]. For sure, the Matumlas made us proud in boxing. This family managed to successfully represent Bongoland at the amateur level and even at the professional level. This family has become sort of a household name when it comes to boxing, but some other folks are emerging. Such a dude is Rogers Mtagwa. Did you know that this guy is based in Philadelphia, PA and recently scored a fourth round knockout over Kansas City import Alvin Brown to retain his NABF 126-pound belt? I am not kidding. Check out the story for your own self .

But it ain’t just Metty noticing, the Tanzania Sportswriters Association (TASWA), recently recognized Rogers as a runner-up for the Sports Person of the Month award.

2. Hasheem Thabeet [check out his brief bio posted on the Huskies' official website]. ] Let us hope that the kid will break out big and eventually make it to the NBA. Regardless of whether that happens or not, he has certainly help the basketball world in the USA know that we not only play chandimu, but we can also produce our very own Yao Mings.

3. Tired of reading the Chinua Achebes and other non-Tanzania writers? Well, Deus Gunza has introduced you to Professor Joseph Mbele – but the list of Tanzania writers includes Professor Julius Nyang'oro, Edwin Semzaba , Dr. Penina M. Mlama , Professor Euphrase Kezilahabi and many more.

The moral of the story is: keep on plugging away. Keep on keeping on. The system may be depressing you, but for sure there are other brothers and sisters out there who are surely making us proud.

Do you know anyone else out there that is making us proud? Please let me know so I can add them up on the list.

Thanks to Jeff Msangi , Godfrey Mwakikagile is also making us proud.


Jeff Msangi said...

I know Godfrey Mwakikagile,the author of AFRICA IS IN A MESS:What Went Wrong and What Can Be Done.

Jaduong Metty said...


Thanks, I will surely add Godfrey on the list.