Monday, August 06, 2007

BRB: An Update


Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. The boy was discharged from Children's Hospital on Friday. He is doing much better and back to his heartwarming smiles. Obviously, those smiles have cheered both my wife and I up.

But above all, the glory, honor and praises go back to the LORD, for his covering and healing touch on the little man.


kifimbocheza said...

good news

January said...

Glad to see him smiling, hope you two too are smiling.

wayne said...

God is good !!!

Hiza said...

I’m delighted to see him smile. What was the root cause of bacterial infection?


Jaduong Metty said...


Thank you so much for your support and prayers. I truly feel blessed to have a family out here.

We truly don't know how the boy contacted the bacteria. Nonetheless, due to the fact that my son has eczema, the doctors theorized that he could have had a break on his skin that allowed the bacteria to penetrate the skin.

That sounds like a plausible theory to me.

Chediel said...

Tunamtakia kila la kheri
Poleni kwa kuuguza


Habari Nzuri hii!Namtakia kila la heri!