Wednesday, August 01, 2007



Due to my son's sickness, I have not been able to post anything. The little guy is hospitalized at the Children's Hospital, here in Columbus, Ohio. He had some bacterial infection that went as far as affecting his muscles.

The doctors are doing a wonderful job (including minor surgery) and he is making a come back. So pray with my family that the boy will make a quick recovery and that daddy can continue sharing his thoughts with you.

But certainly, I will be right back.

Photo Credit: Daddy's Phone Camera.


Anonymous said...

No doubt your Son is going to have a quick recovery so that you can go on with a normal happy reflecting life, receive our prayers and well wishes to you and your Family


Mashala said...

We wish the little one speedy recovery. God willing, he will be home soon.

wayne said...

WE ARE PRAYING for your son's quick & complete recovery and for baba na mama that they may have rest and peace - it is sometimes as tough on the wazazi (emotionally) as it is on the kids

Chediel said...

Pole sana.
Receive our prayers

kifimbocheza said...

my best wishes for him

January said...

Metty, Pole sana kwa kuuguliwa, tunamuombea mtoto apone haraka pia tunakuombeeni wazazi mpate nguvu ya kukabiliana na tatizo la ugonjwa wa mwanenu.

Dmk said...

I hope and pray he get well soon.

Patrick GK said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We are praying for your son's swift recovery.


mwandani said...

pole. Mwenyezi Mungu awasaidie.