Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Change in Mindset: Go Ahead, Kill Me…

I would like to think I have a creative mind. Even a little. That being said, it is my desire to bring to light other issues of life and not the same old song about change in attitude, culture and mindset. Despite my desire to move away from that, there are current events in Bongoland that just proves me right. So just go ahead and kill me. I am going to call for a change in mindset, if Tanzanians truly want to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I know this is all general talk, so if you have gotten what I am talking about and have made the necessary change in your attitude, please bear with me. As I am talking in generalities, don’t be offended if what I am talking about does not really apply to you.

Last week the new, ultramodern soccer stadium was opened. Thanks to a helping hand from the Chinese, Tanzanian can now boast of a good soccer stadium. And for all y’all who are thinking that this is the first stadium in Tanzania to have night-lights, you are wrong. Lights were installed at the Jamhuri Stadium in Dodoma way back in 1987. Only to be stolen (or sold) immediately after the celebrations to mark the 10th year of CCM.

Given the fact that Taifa Stars are performing well relative the recent past (which I am personally proud of, as we are climbing the FIFA world ranking charts), such a facility should have not come at the best time ever. I am mean, picture this: if our soccer standard is improving, there are possibilities that we could secure international friendlies with other African soccer powerhouses such as Ghana and Nigeria. And given the standard of the stadium, most giant African national soccer teams would be more than willing to play Tanzania.

Even better, what about the possibility of using the stadium to lure European, American and Asian teams to train in Tanzania for their World Cup preparations to be held in South Africa come 2010?

While there are such possibilities, it seems that our main adversary – awful culture and mental attitudes – will definitely stand on our way. Just read this story.

The truth of the matter is this: we have idiots in every country and in every continent. God has endowed mental capacity differently to each individual. Nonetheless, the level of idiocy demonstrated in other countries is due to the fact that folks take things for granted. You trash the streets and you know for sure the city will clean it up. This is my biggest question: given the fact that we don’t have much in Tanzania, wouldn’t it be expected that we would die for the little that we have?

I cannot imagine that a person would go to a new, ultramodern soccer stadium and instead of concentrating on the game, take his time to poop, take his own remains and wipe it all over he wall! And then this person can actually go home to his wife and kids or friends and boast about the fun they had at the new stadium?

See, whether we like it or not, these are the same things that makes on wonder if truly anything good can come out of Tanzania. It is seems like quality thinking is so scarce and stupidity is abound. If this is a sample of “exposed” Tanzanians (I’m riding on the general belief that folks residing in Dar are more “educated” than the rest of the country), then what you get when you extrapolate and conclude about the entire population, what you get is not pretty.

I wonder how the President gets up every morning motivated. Watu wenyewe ndio hawa? It is tempting to just take care of one's family and leave the rest to rot. It is so infuriating.

It is not just this stadium issue that is disheartening. We all know about the transportation problems that southern Tanzania experienced for ions. Well, finally the Mkapa Bridge was constructed for them. Guess what? It didn’t take long for these folks to start vandalizing the bridge. Seriously, who cuts off the hands that feed them? I guess you can only find this level of stupidity in Tanzania.

Just go ahead and kill me, but I will repeat this again. I strongly believe that most of problems in Tanzania are not due to lack of resources. They are just rooted in awful culture and mindset. Unless we address those, no amount of money will make that country better. Yeah, money can build stadiums and construct roads, but we know that the stinking culture will tear them down.

Tanzania as a society needs to take a very hard look at itself. We stink and the National Stadium story couldn’t prove me more right. Unless we change our mindset as a people, we will just continue to admire the British soccer and other “good" things happening majuu. And then we wonder why.


Photo Credit: Michuzi


wayne said...

I hear your frustration & disgust with what has happened.
However, Tanzania is not the only place where this kind of mindless thing happens. Soccer hooligans in the UK and other parts of Majuu are but one example of the universality of this kind of behavior. This does not excuse this behavior, just puts it in a more universal context. Watu ni Watu.
Maybe (don't know for sure - just thinking out loud here) part of this stems back to an earlier issue you raised (or maybe someone else raised) about the tendency for less developed countries to accept "free gifts" (soccer stadium, kwa mfano) and that then lends itself for the mindset to develop wherein people take the attitude; "what the heck, I didn't pay for it, either directly or indirectly, therefore it doesn't matter what I do to it or with it - someone else will be responsible for fixing it". Perhaps if the stadium had been paid for with tax money, the government would have been more diligent in matters of providing security or a stronger police presence, perhaps preventing this sort of thing from happening.
However, I think it needs to be pointed out that this is not a uniquely Tz or even African thing. Many soccer stadiums have had major damage caused by hooligans (in Europe) who simply go into a type of mob mentality for any reason they can think up, or American sports fans who riot and destroy entire neighborhoods after their home team wins some sort of championship, etc... - sad state of affairs for watu wote, sio wa Africa tu.
Never the less - very sad commentary on the state of affairs.

Jaduong Metty said...

I hear you. That's why I said we have idiots everywhere. On the other hand, hooliganism in Europe is pushed by extreme fanatism. In this particular case - there was only one team that 99.99% of the fans were cheering for - national team!

Plus, this was just a friendly match and not as if Taifa Stars qualified for the World Cup causing every fan to go crazy.

Nonetheless, I think you touched on a serious issue there - and that is the issue of free riding.

Seriously, how many people would buy and then distroy their own couch, for instance?

Maricha said...

Speaking of free ride, Bwana Wayne what is the motivating factor when you go from your comfort zone and go all the way to help people in Mtwara. I see alot of US citizen going to third world countries too but never knew any one personally so I could ask them what is that is pushing them to do that and if they think what they are doing is good for both parties.

After staying there for six long years, do you have plans to go back again? do you feel any sense of accomplishment or frustrations?

I am just curious Mzee Wayne, no hidden ajenda.

wayne said...

I would like to share with you my motives, intentions, frustrations, successes and any future plans to return to Tanzania, but I feel I need to ask the jaduong permission to use his blog space for purposes other than his intended purposes. I am willing to swap email addresses with you and share some of that in some detail via email, or if Metty allows I can post somewhere on a past posting of his. Out of respect for Metty, however, I am reluctant to get to far "off topic" here in a current topic. I will email Metty and give him the email address you can use to contact me - if you want to do that - then just email Metty and ask for my email address

Jaduong Metty said...

You are free to communicate with Maricha through this blog. If you want to use me as a conduit of your email addresses, I will be more than willing to do that.

Mchangiaji said...

No Metty, No body will kill you, but I want to say something on your commentary on issue of Stadium and Tanzanian Mindset, it seems to go too far now, in such a way that, you are not helping anyone here than you Ego.

Mind you that, you don't see progress and advancement in Tanzania, but rather stupidity and ignorance, yes I just say that, You are now calling majority of Tanzanians Stupid. I believe that is pretty harsh for anyone who you think, you want to change their mindset???""..Is that a Solution to the problem ??

That's what I have said before and I am saying it again you are part of the problem, you will never become a solutions until you realize your mentality on Tanzanians.

Be sure that, Tanzanians will progress without your ill thoughts solutions/ideas of yours. Talking about Solutions.. What solutions??.. Calling People Stupids...

We need role models, not Zealots.
By Mchangiaji.

Jaduong Metty said...

Would you kindly revisit the following line from my post?

"As I am talking in generalities, don’t be offended if what I am talking about does not really apply to you "

That was right there in my reflection,and unfortunately you miss that, hence charging like a wounded bull. I am begging you again - please try to read carefully what I write. If you miss that, you will continue to regard me as this egocentric dude who think he's better than the rest of Tanzanians.

Quite to the contrary.

Again, I am sorry that you are missing my message or the spirit of this blog. But I'm glad you are still visiting.

Mchangiaji said...

I want you to look at this article, VERY VERY INTERESTING... What do you say about this.. I preserved my comment for now...


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Mchangiaji said...

See, whether we like it or not, these are the same things that makes on wonder if truly anything good can come out of Tanzania. It is seems like quality thinking is so scarce and stupidity is abound. If this is a sample of “exposed” Tanzanians (I’m riding on the general belief that folks residing in Dar are more “educated” than the rest of the country), then what you get when you extrapolate and conclude about the entire population, what you get is not pretty.

From the above quote Metty, Agree with me or not, It underlines the general mentality of yours on Tanzanians. Try to understand me on this, I am not with the disagreement about some other stupid folks with their ill actions mentioned on your article, but that would happen anywhere around the Globe including the US..

The language you use to bring changes, do not help anyone, it is a rather an insult to everyone, including yourself, relatives and old friends of yours back home. TRUST ME on this...I bet you wont stop short of offending your relatives back home, I ask one simple question. Would that bring a change to the intended subject or make you a better person or rather distance yourself from realities.

I understand, you have good/sincere intentions but that not the way to go about it, and don't ask what way, because I have already mentioned that before..

Your reflexions and generalization of mental attitude of Tanzanians is hypocritical, I bet every Tanzanians who read your comments will feel offended.

With me is that, I can see your frustrations, But What I see is just a frustrations and Ego, until you adjust them, you will become a good advocate of the goods and changes your are thinking of bringing to our folks back home.

By Mchangiaji.

Jaduong Metty said...

1. On the article - the author is just stating the obvious on reading - which I agree with. It is useless to be "educated" if you can't critically think.

That is a universal truth that does not only apply to black people - but the entire human race.

What I'm gathering from the author is that he wants to put black people in a special category. I'm not personally fond of the "black power" type of thinking that is not balanced or realistic enough to accept certain universal principles.

2. On my post - I have succeeded as a writer to invoke a reaction from you. And that is done through deliberately choosing certain "trigger" words. My job is done.

Ricci said...

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