Friday, September 14, 2007

RTF: What A Bang!

It is another Friday. It is another day for me to allow my mind to wander far and wide. So bear with me.

In case you didn’t know this, God takes a center stage in my life. I know that sound would sound stupid to an atheist, but hey, that’s me. So I will talk about God today. I will talk about my faith today. In a world where we want to be politically correct, it would be tempting to hide one’s faith under the rag while allowing others to express their beliefs.

If you are in America, you will understand what I am talking about. There are so many forces that are essentially geared towards muzzling those who believes in God. I have once said this: we all worship. You can either worship high or worship. We can’t escape that reality.

What prompted me to reflect on this is one the program aired by ABC television stations on May 5, 2007 . In the program members of the Rational Response Squad squared off with Christians Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort about the existence of God.

You can google these guys to figure who they are.

I didn’t watch the program, but I heard plenty of discussions about it. I am not a theologian, so I will not reflect from a standpoint of a scholar in theology. Rather, I will do this from a layman’s perspective. I will do this based on my personal experiences.

I don’t think these discussions about God are new. They must have been there for ions. I believe we have these discussions because human beings want to explain and make sense out of life. Secondly, we have these discussions because we are spiritual beings. The difference, however, is how we exercise our spirituality.

That has led to a huge debate on creation versus the Big Bang theory. Honestly, I laugh when I hear intelligent people theorize that human beings evolved from some other creepy creatures. Furthermore, it is ridiculous to imagine that the Big Bang was a result of explosion of primeval atoms. Which begs the question – where did these atoms come from in the first place?

Oh, so the atoms later developed – in some miraculous ways – to the extent that we now have different species. And in some miraculous ways, human beings just got favored by nature to be superior of all the resulting creatures of the Big Bang? Oh what a Bang it was!

I know atheists and the rest of “ists” who do not believe in God would really love for any believer to give them a scientific and logical proof of God’s existence. That in itself is a stupid request. You can never prove for the existence of anything in a way that does not go with its nature or in a manner that does not work.

Apart from the proof of God’s existence which we can see in His intelligent design, we can never prove God’s existence in a scientific laboratory. That is because the materials for proving God’s existence are not litmus papers, microscopes, or any other tools but FAITH. And faith, amigo, is intangible. You would think that atheists and all skeptics of God’s existence are super intelligent enough to understand how different faith and matter are.

Let me ask you this: if you happen to be talking to a laboratory technician who, upon looking at a microscope informs you that he or she is seeing moving bacteria, would you dare ask them to prove the existence of the bacteria through bare eyes? If you are intelligent enough, wouldn’t kindly say “let me see for myself”? See, faith is a microscope through which we can see God. So, if you want to prove God’s existence, why don’t you look through the lenses of faith – which is the right tool for seeing God?

I know a person who sends inspirational emails and at the very end says this - sin makes you stupid.

Intelligent people act intelligently. What is more better – believing God exists and finding out that He does exit, believing God exists and finding out that He doesn’t exist, or believing God does not exist only to find out that He exists?

Enjoy your weekend.


Maricha said...

Your Faith lens made a theologian right there! That was pretty good piece for RTF or whatever you are calling it.

wayne said...

Well, I see that this one has sat here for a while, so I thought I might put my little bit in:
All people believe in something - ALL people have a faith system. Christian, Jew, Animist, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, etc... all have a system based on faith that explains their world view. Everyone makes a "leap of faith" to embrace their belief system. There is just too much out there that is still unexplained and incomprehensible.
When one weighs all of the evidence - scientific, spiritual, emotional and all other components that go into the making of a belief system, I believe that the belief in intelligent design - i.e, that one God willed into existence all that is and all that will be, and did so with purpose and design, is actually the "shortest" leap of faith compared to any other belief system. The belief that totally random events in some backward stretching eternity could somehow end up with all that is a part of the universe (including the presence of rational, thinking, caring humans)is probably the longest & hardest "leap" to make.
That bang, actually fizzles out pretty fast