Thursday, April 03, 2008

Painful Moments…

Life is just, well, life
It provided me with a wonderful mother-in-law,
A mother to my wife
But why would she go so soon, what was her flaw?
These are painful moments

Life is just, well, life
Through many questions, pains and even sorrow
That cut as knife,
Your memories will be alive today and tomorrow
To overcome painful moments

Life is just, well, life
But through it all, God is still the best
In joy and strife
He provides peace, wisdom and uncommon rest
Even in painful moments

Jaduong’ Metty
Columbus, Ohio

In memory of my wonderful mother-in-law who passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack on Monday, March 31, 2008 in Moshi, Tanzania.


Anonymous said...

Pole sana Metty!

May Almighty Lord bestow upon you peace and tranquility at this sorrowful moment in your familty!

Onyango Jashirati

Anonymous said...


May her soul rest in peace. Poleni saana.

Kakatrio said...

Jaduong' Poleni sana kwa msiba uliowapata. Bwana alitoa na Bwana ametoa, Wote tuwapita njia tu hapa Duniani.

wayne said...

poleni sana - kwako na kwake, mke wako.
Mungu ambarikeni nyinyi.
mzee Duke

Patrick GK said...

Metty and family,
Poleni sana kwa msiba. Mungu awajalie faraja yake kipindi hiki kigumu.

Patrick and family

Subi' said...

I am reading this rather late but I feel I should say sorry for the loss of your Mother in lawa.
I encourage you to keep the faith you have in God.
She begun the journey which everybody shall follow, it's just a matter of time.
May the Heavenly Father bless your family!

Jaduong Metty said...


Thank you so much for dropping your comments and just encouraging me and my family.

We are doing much better, but I recognize that it will take some time to fully heal. But there is nothing better than trusting in God. We have seen His grace embrace us.



Pole sana Metty na Familia yako ingawa nimechelewa !