Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thankful for Spiritual Freedom...

Did I ever tell you that I “love” Tanzania? Well, forget about the NBA’s slogan, “Where amazing happens”. I think the amazing really happens in Tanzania. Some the “amazing” things can actually freak any normal human being out. I mean, where else does the “man-eat-man” actually is practiced?

If you missed it, just revisit this crazy story .

I know I can discuss critical thinking and the ability to put things in the right perspective as the way forward. However, I know that when all fails, there is the Almighty God who is in charge. Can you mix faith and intellect? Absolutely! I do it all the time. If you a bit confused on how that works, please shoot me an email.

Freaky stories like the one above really makes me revere God even more. Such stories makes even more thankful of God’s amazing grace. Even more, I am thankful of the revelation and knowledge of how great it is to have a fear of God. It makes me appreciate the fact that my salvation is unmerited, as I could have very well been in very deep and weird spiritual bondage.

And for all of you have been blessed enough to have the knowledge of what God can do, why wouldn’t just lift up Salome Yohana’s family in prayers? Furthermore, why wouldn’t you pray for the spiritual deliverance of this man-eating young man who is definitely under deep spiritual bondage?
Photo Credit: Michuzi

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I am still strugglling everyday in faith matters. I envy U for being at peace with the ways of God.I really don't get it sometimes!:-(