Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Condemning Mugabe: It Is About Principles

For a while I didn’t want to write. I didn’t want to think. Thinking drains, if you didn’t know. I just wanted to let the world go by. Besides, what I am accomplishing by blogging? That’s what I thought.

When something is your calling, it is hard to run away from it. You could find all the “logical” reasons to stop, but then when you see issues around you, something in you just burns…

I am back to this spot? I am not sure. I just thought I should something about this Mugabe thing.

Given the historical relationship between Africa and the West, I can understand why the African leaders failed to condemn Robert Mugabe. I can understand the sentiments that ordinary Africans are taught to hold against the West. I can understand the African leaders’ view, which equates condemning Mugabe to sacrificing a brother to fulfill the desires of the Western imperialists.

Nevertheless, if you take a grand view, ain’t there life and general principles that are beyond George W. Bush and Gordon Brown? I mean, ain’t some of those principles so precious that some countries like Tanzania have built their Constitution (e.g. All human are created equal) on? Aren’t those same and valuable principles that Mugabe has repeatedly violated?

So what exactly are the “unique” African principles that make Mugabe worth hugging and laughing with?

I knew African leaders were wimpy, but I never knew they could be wimpy to this horrible extent. I never knew they would actually have the audacity to sacrifice millions of helpless Zimbabweans for the sake of a useless crap like Mugabe.
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Anonymous said...

Funny you said that about african leaders, mdau wa tanzania monitor blog has similar condemnation but more succint.