Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cell Phone Effect: Twisted Priorities…?

Last summer I made a trip to my beloved Bongoland. I obviously shared my thoughts on various topics, mainly pertaining to life. One of the issues I touched was the use of cell phones, particularly on how the device has revolutionized, if you will, some areas of the Tanzanian life.

As with everything, we could never have a perfect world. My mom, as I alluded to previously, is of the view that cell phones provide an ample opportunity for promiscuity.

What really got back to this topic is the photo provided herein, is the other side of cell phone utilization. Please, I stand to be corrected, but I had a sense that some folks in Bongoland use cell phones as a social status symbol.

That kind of remind me of when mabrazameni would be standing at a daladala stand, with a video cassette openly displayed, just to let folks know that they have a kideo at home…

Now, let’s get back to the cell phone issue.

I know that, as human beings, we have the prerogative to spend our hard earned money the way we so choose. Nonetheless, common sense tells us that some choices are irrational.
I know the lady (in the photo) could be making a ton of money, just by hawking bananas. Nevertheless, (and this is just me thinking aloud and I could be wrong) why not spend money first on a cart – that could make the mobility of the banana merchandise easier – instead of enriching Vodacom, Tigo or Zain first?

But the story really goes beyond this lady, as this picture is just a symbol of a Bongoland society which is either moving forward or failing to prioritize.

I’m not against cell phone use, especially when vijisenti ain’t an issue.
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