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Flyovers In Dar? Ride At Your Own Risk…

I’m glad that innovation is actually creeping up on the mind of Tanzanians. I’m glad that at last some of those Vasco da Gama types of global treks are paying off. Seriously, shouldn’t we be happy that at least the Bongoland government is contemplating building flyovers in Dar-es-Salaam to ease traffic woes?

Well, let me praise on one hand and whip on the other. I can do, can’t I?

This is the saddest part. The Bongoland government has this crucial institution called the Tanzania Bureau of Statistics. Among other areas, TBS is charged with the duty of collecting census data. I stand corrected, but I believe the main objective of collecting census data is planning for the future.

Another important agency that the Bongoland government has is Tanzania Revenue Authority. Well, TRA can tell you how much loot been collected by the government, but I believe (I could be wrong here) these guys can actually tell you how many new cars are registered on any given day.

My point is this – it doesn’t take a load of money or collection of European “experts” to figure out what the projected population and number of cars on Dar roads come 2019, for instance. I mean, you can simply plug the historical numbers on an Excel spreadsheet and wham! You have your projected numbers for proper planning. It is not like traffic jams and population increase caught anyone by surprise.

I guess I am just living on a different planet.

Though reactive in nature, the construction of flyovers is a good idea. With the city planning being what it is, you can’t go anywhere other than creating roads on the open sky.

The only thing is this – anyone riding on those flyovers will have to do that at their own risk. I have been around long enough to know that anything is possible in Bongoland. I’m sure some contractor or his vibarua will deliberately shortchange the structures when it comes to cement or other construction elements.

Seriously, if someone can cut corners on their private building why not do that for a public structure?

What I am saying is this – don’t laugh at me for being cynical. When the flyovers are finally here (if the Bongoland government actually walk the talk on this), riders should beware. If you happened to join the unpleasant statistics, don’t say you didn’t get warned.

There are things you can trust in Bongoland. Some are obviously a no-no. I’m not sure if I can trust flyovers in Dar. Seriously.
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"Flyovers In Dar? Ride At Your Own Risk…"

SAD but true!