Monday, March 30, 2009

HT: The Towering Billboard?

I once had a post commending the Tanzania’s government attempt to promote the country.
As I pointed out in that previous post, the journey had just begun….

Let me just remind folks that I am not a marketing junkie. As a business student, I took a few marketing classes to fulfill my graduation requirements, but that’s it. Despite my lack of marketing acumen, I still believe I can dish a few marketing pointers here and there. If I make a boo-boo, just bear with me.

Companies use celebrities all the time in their attempt to piggy-back on their recruited celebrity’s social status and visibility. This is not just about Michael Jordan pitching for Nike or David Beckham selling for Adidas. I have seen Masoud Kipanya endorse for some beer company in Tanzania.

So why is the Tanzania Tourist Board sleeping on Hasheem Thabeet, especially during this March Madness season?

Dude, Hasheem Thabeet is the most recognized face of any Tanzanian in the United States of America right now. So why don’t you jump on him, secure an “endorsement” deal before the kid turns pro and start demanding millions of dollars?

For basketball junkies, particularly the NBA, Tim Duncan of San Antonio Spurs is endorsing for US Virgin Islands, in case you didn’t know.

I could be missing some NCAA rules that prohibits student athletes from performing public service for their country, but something like “Tanzania, the land of Hasheem Thabeet” tag line could be more effective currently in the United States of America. That is because American college kids, some of whom could take summer classes or future family vacations in Tanzania identify with Mr. HT, than anything or someone else Tanzanian.

Marketing, I believe, is about opportunities. I strongly believe that there is nothing that can advertise Tanzania better in the United State of American today than the towering Hasheem Thabeet.

TTB, the clock is ticking…
Photo Credit: Michuzi

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Right on brother!!!! You are right again!
Keep it up. We may not put comment but we surely read your blog, so keep them articles coming:)